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What to Wear on a Long Flight

What to Wear on a Long Flight

In tears, devastated, apathetic, without makeup, and wearing random clothes. What else can I tell you about my emotional state about five years ago? Dealing with the painful break up, I decided to travel on my own. But before I set off, I decided to completely transform my outfit to a trendy one. At this very moment, I went on a warpath with my depression. Since then, I always dress to kill when I travel by plane. I am going to reveal you the secret why it is essential to dress well when you are on a plane. Continue reading →

Productivity Methods Worth Trying

Unusual Ways to Increase Productivity

There is a bunch of articles that deal with the issue of productivity raise methods. If you are a person who is interested in it, you definitely must have tried some pieces of advice given for your consideration. Some tips, like to set priorities, write a To Do List, or plan the day a night before, are pretty good. Nevertheless, they do not work out for everyone. Here are some extraordinary techniques that should help you increase the productivity level. Continue reading →

Top 4 Tips for Effective Communication

Effective Communication

It seems like communication is an easy skill that almost every member of the modern-day society has mastered. However, if we look closer, we will see that things are not what they seem to be. Very often, we try to speak our mind, but our idea gets lost in translation and the person we’re communicating with hears something completely different. Frustration, misunderstanding, and conflicts arise. That’s what we encounter in our daily life and it happens at all levels of our communication – from family households to international political negotiations. Continue reading →

Top 6 Hip-Hop Albums to Hear Before the End of 2016

Hip-Hop Albums

Even with all the great albums released this year, I keep looking for something new and tasty. I keep looking for music which can really bring delight to my ears. And how happy I am to know that there are still at least six great releases that will make this year even more exciting in terms of Hip-Hop music. Continue reading →

Albums to Anticipate in 2017

Albums to Anticipate in 2017

2016 has been a horrible year for the pop industry. Even a thought of enlisting all of the disasters that happened this year is overwhelming. So many souls have been lost through terror attacks, shootings, police brutality, and other violent acts. The world lost legendary musicians, such as Prince, David Bowie, and Leonard Cohen. To cap it all, Americans have faced the disappointment with the principles that used to be considered the foundation of this nation. Continue reading →


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