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How to Get Along with Strict Professors

Precious Tips for Students

A new academic year has begun. If you’re a college freshman, this studying experience is both exciting and terrifying. Have you already encountered an incredibly strict professor during one of the lectures? I understand what you feel: his or her pace of explaining the material seems to be abnormally fast and the amount of homework is unfairly huge. Your only question is: “How could I survive the first semester?” You should stop hitting the panic button because this situation has a way out. Continue reading →

Five Pillars of Marketing

Pillars of Marketing

If you have the slightest connection to marketing, you must have heard about the so called 5 C’s of marketing: the five factors that influence any organization’s strategic development. If you happen not to be familiarized with this topic, let us give you a short insight into the most important analytical tool of marketing. The five C’s are as follows:


Each company should be aware of all its weaknesses and strengths. That is why it is vital to analyze a company’s mission, image, quality of the services provided and so on. They say that there is always space for improvement, so this type of analysis should be conducted regularly even by organizations that are considered to be leading in their area. Continue reading →

A Sample Essay on Road Safety

Road Safety

The main goal of writing an essay on road safety is to make people aware of the danger that can await them on the roads. Most importantly, this topic is really crucial to investigate and write about as many people die on the roads more and more frequently. When writing an essay on road safety, you should not only clarify the main aspects of this topical issue but also come up with certain measures that can increase safety on roads. Continue reading →

Global Food Crisis

Global Food Crisis

We know how hard is to create a good essay about global problems, when you are confined by certain limits: the key words, the length, etc. So, we offer you the essay about the global food crisis that you can use as a sample.

The Beginning

Start with a small introduction. In this part, give answers to the most common questions that can appear in the process. Furthermore, you have to reveal the brief essence of your essay.

Today we live in a world where people can enjoy all the benefits of civilization. We almost forgot about disasters that people went through during different periods of time. What do you really know about the world food crisis? Do you know how this crisis changed the world? This essay was written to show you the main facts about those horrible times. Continue reading →

How to Stay on Top of Your Classes

Stay on Top of Your Classes

All students know that there is a certain point in the semester when you begin to feel exhausted, sick and tired of everything. It seems as if earlier days were shorter and much easier, but now they are too long and tedious. We are struggling with lots of assignments like essays, class projects, or midterms that should be completed at the same time. There is a high possibility of you falling behind in some courses because of all the deadlines and presentations. Frankly speaking, I would like to give you a few pieces of advice regarding this problem.

Best Ways to Study

  • As for me, I can’t study in the places that are full of distractions, especially in my dormitory room. It’s simply impossible for me to concentrate on my work there. Where can you find good places to study? Actually, I like studying in the library. I suppose, this is one of the best spots where you can study effectively. Not long ago, I got to know that I was allowed to come and study in the private study rooms in our Student Union. In this place, I have accomplished most of my work.
  • Continue reading →


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