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       Persons desirous of getting funding, sponsorship, and permission to perform research on any topic in any discipline have to write a research proposal and submit the same to the competent authority. It is a statement that contains a synopsis of the research topic and reasons to carry out the research. Research proposal are a basic necessity of educational program of high level namely graduate school and PhD program where researching may need some special facility, infrastructure or monetary funding to sustain.

       Research proposal may vary depending upon the type of research envisaged and the level of educational discipline involved. It shall also depend upon the criteria set by the sponsoring educational institution and the extent and expanse of a research. Several sponsoring and funding program set out their own set of criteria to be addressed in a research proposal.

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       Basically a research proposal document shall have the following features:

  • A statement on the purpose of intended research.
  • Candidature of a researcher
  • Background information of the topic concerned.
  • Details about the relevancy of the research
  • An overview of methodologies to be adopted to carry out the research.
  • Aims and objectives of the research.
  • Budget involved.

       Depending upon the purpose, additional information might also be sought. If funding has been requested then a detail breakup of financial estimate or budget has to be furnished. It is also to be stated as to how the funding will benefit the intended research project.

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       If the researcher has requested sponsorship from a university or a particular professor, he has to give reasons for such preference such as why the specified university or professor is the most appropriate sponsor for the proposed research. The research proposal may also have to specify the expectations from the sponsor namely, use of available research facilities, and routine review of research exercise or simply benefit through association.

       You may be aware that dissertation also starts with a research proposal. Such proposal has to be accepted by a professor before dissertation writing could be officially started. Here again you have to provide a statement on the topic you intend to study. This shall become the basis for your envisaged research supported by a review of the literature and comprehensive methodology. The methodology has to contain entire aspect of researching such as quantitative, qualitative, case study, sampling, experiment, field work, statistical analysis etc. In short, you have to select all the ingredients that would be needed to advance your research and bring the same to its logical conclusion.

       Research proposal must elaborate main purpose of the envisaged research pointing out all the issues that has to be addressed or investigated. The process of research study has to be explained step-wise projecting results that would benefit the particular field of study. A research proposal may be 3 to 5 pages long for beginners and it may be over 40 pages for some advance research study.

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