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       There are two major tasks to cite a research paper properly, and students will find grades lowered or papers returned for revision if both are not correctly formatted.  While students moan and groan about this tedious and boring task, appropriate citation is critical, first of all, because, to not give credit to the work of others in your own writing is to be guilty of plagiarism, intentional or not.  Plagiarism is a serious charge in any academic setting and can result in civil and/or criminal charges in the world of work.  Copyright laws are quite clear, and no one should violate them.  To cite a research paper appropriately, one will need to use both in-text notes and, ultimately the final bibliography, so that any reader knows exactly when and from which other authors you have gained information, data, concepts, and opinions.

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       When students cite a research paper in-text, they need to understand that they are doing so in order to give credit to the words, thoughts, ideas, or direct quotes of others.  If one is going to cite statistics or other data, for example, s/he needs to tell the reader where they were obtained.  This is most commonly accomplished by providing the author’s name, the publication date, and page number of that author’s work. 


       You will generally not need to state the actual title of the work, for that will be contained in your bibliography at the end.  In-text citations vary somewhat, dependent upon the format required by the instructor or professor, but students are given the format requirements in advance.  While the most common are MLA and APA, some instructors or departments use Harvard, Turabian, or some of the less widely known, for specific graduate and professional programs.  It is important to remember as well that, to cite a research paper correctly, the in-text citation must include an author, and the full information on the work must be in the bibliography.

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       When students cite a research paper in final form, the bibliography must adhere to the format established by the instructor or professor.  The formats for bibliographies will vary, dependent upon the required format. In general, however, you will need to include the author, publication, date of publication, place of publication and publisher (primarily for books), and volume and issue numbers, as well as specific page numbers for journal/periodical articles.  There are also formats for other published academic works, such as dissertations, academic papers, and texts of presentations.  The important thing to remember is that, when students cite a research paper, the in-text and bibliographical resources must match.  If you have cited a work in your bibliography, then there must be at least one in-text citation related to that work.

       If you have completed a major research paper, you feel a sense of accomplishment, to be sure.  Now that it is time to add the proper citations throughout the work and to create the bibliography, you are probably not so excited about the task.  Yes, it is required, but, yes, it is tedious and boring, and mistakes are easily made.  If this sounds like you, then let us help with this final task.  You can contact, upload your paper, indicate the required citation format, and our professionals will do the rest!  You will receive back a paper that is fully and properly cited and ready for submission! is happy to cite a research paper for you,or to with any other academic need you may have.  As a full-service agency, we have professionals who create original works of all varieties for students who are pressed for time; we provide full reviews, editing and proofreading services; we complete statistical analysis for major research works; we write abstracts, book reviews, essays, analyses, term and research papers, and even theses and dissertations.

       Let us relieve you of those tasks you find most burdensome – contact now!

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