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Should I buy pre written essays, or should I buy custom written essays from

When students have difficulties writing their own essays, they will often turn to the dozens of writing services that one can find on the Internet.  One of the first things they see will be a plethora of advertisements that are designed to entice them to buy pre written essays at a cheap price.  The question arises, however, should they go ahead and buy pre written essays, or should they purchase deluxe, custom written essays from

Is the custom essay as cheap as a pre written essay?  While students are lead to believe that the online price is cheap when they originally book pre written essays,  the writing services that offer pre written essays for sale will often pad the charges by adding additional fees that crop up when it is too late to cancel the order. In fact, compared to the cost of writing services at, pre written papers often end up costing much more than the custom written papers from 

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Pre written essays that are sold at are often generic papers that are sold and resold to various students.  Many of these pre written essays have been plagiarized.  Buying essays online can be risky in this way, unless one chooses to utilize the services of a highly reputable writing service such as  When students buy pre written essays from the competition, they never really know what they are going to get.  With, however, they are guaranteed 100% original works that are well-organized, well-written and that bring them great grades!

Many of the services that urge students to buy pre written essays are companies that exist in third world countries.  They simply go online to one of the many writing services that can be found, find their free samples, download them and turn around and offer them to their customers.   Their ads may say, “Buy pre written essays from us at a cheap price!”   However, the price that the students pay is drastic.

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Many colleges and universities across the globe now have a no-tolerance policy with regard to plagiarism.  When students book pre written essays with our competition, many do not realize that they are risking being expelled from their schools altogether; if they are caught handing in work that they, the students, did not even realize was plagiarized.  With, however, there is no risk, whatsoever.

Rather than offering plagiarized, pre written essays for sells individually customized essays that are all-original and crafted to reflect the details that the customer requests when ordering them.  This is a far cry from the stale pre written papers that are sold by our competition.  Our specially written essays are of the highest quality that money can buy. 


The writers at make buying essays online a distinct pleasure.  Furthermore, each of them has at least one area of expertise that enables him or her to create enthralling essays that have added insight.  When a student orders an essay from, the order is sent to the writer who is most knowledgeable about that particular subject.  Our writers all have advanced college degrees from renowned universities, and they are all native speakers of English.  Their expertise, experience and backgrounds make them prime candidates for writing the best online papers.  Coupled with our excellent customer service team, they are one of the primary reasons why has such an excellent reputation for delivering the type of writing that gets students the high grades.

Our customer service is complimentary to every customer.  Our representatives can be reached at any hour of the day or night via the chat interface located on the website.  They can also be reached via telephone or email.  We consider our strong customer service team to be the backbone of our organization.

The work that is produced by the professional writing team is fully guaranteed, so students who decide to utilize our services are taking no risks by using us. Isn't it time you paid our website a visit today?  We can help you get through your next term and to come out ahead!

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