The Causes of the Political Success of Donald Trump

The path of the 45th President of the United States to success was made possible by certain factors due to which Donald Trump won the election. Many leaders of the Republican Party, especially those who supported Jeb Bush, did not really want Trump to win. Trump is not an ardent conservative. He is rather an isolationist who promised to break off trade deals during the election campaign, shift Paul Ryan and raise taxes for the rich. This trump card, along with the mistakes of the Republican Party elites, led him to the White House. In January 2016, Ted Cruz won the primaries in Iowa. He was an ardent conservative and was wildly popular among evangelists. To stop Trump, Republican elites needed to rally around Cruz. However, they did not do that.

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Spirit of Time

Interestingly, the first sign that Donald Trump would be able to win the presidential election came from the UK. On June 23, the British public challenged all predictions and voted to leave the EU. Brexit revealed many of the distinctive features of Trump’s campaign: anger at the faceless establishment, concerns about immigration, and advocating for the identity of the white population. However, it was not the catalyst for Trump's unexpected victory. Such movements were simply on the crest of a wave that has now swept the world.

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Thirst for Change

Since the end of World War II, only once one party has held the White House for three terms in succession when Ronald Reagan gave way to George Bush Sr. This fact meant that Clinton would face difficulties.

After the representative of the Democratic Party won the presidential election two times in a row, voters wanted change. However, few people saw Trump as a winner. After all, Obama's approval rating was currently very high. Unemployment was less than 5 percent (not so good, but it could be worse). So what happened? Barack Obama was an outsider candidate. He was young. He promised "Hope" and "Change." However, he did not bring the desired changes; in any case, corruption became even worse. Voters gave him two chances.

The Americans were unsatisfied. They were angry with the elite that had passed the financial crisis without any losses. They were dissatisfied with the Congress, which could not make laws to help people. Most of all, they were unsatisfied with the lack of opportunities.

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Professional Work with the Press

Trump has a long experience in the field of television. He knows exactly how to hook his target audience. He instinctively knows how to attract attention. Whenever one of his rivals dominated the information field, Trump managed to deploy all the cameras back to him. Trump realized that there was no such thing as bad advertising. He knew that when the experts would judge his policy on TV, people sitting at home would hear what he wanted to tell them. Throughout the elections, the media wanted to humiliate Trump. Instead, they accidentally made him one of the most powerful people in the USA.

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