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       A book review essay (or literary review) is a requirement for many students particularly English students. A book review essay must be written in a subjective tone, and give a full, rounded perspective of the literature in question. Before even beginning a book review, a student must make sure to be completely aware of all the requirements that their professor or lecturer has specified for their exact curriculum. A book review essay should be easy for anyone to read, and should give someone who has no knowledge of the book a good overall understanding.

       All professors have different requirements and demands when setting book review essay assignments. Make sure to ask them if you have any queries about the specifications before it is begun. You may for example be asked to write your essay on one book or to compare and contrast a number of different pieces of literature. Some professors may give you the required readings whereas others may want you to choose your own. Make sure to read the books thoroughly and grasp the concepts that make the book. Taking notes whilst reading can help to remember page numbers and ideas to add to the book review essay.

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       A book review essay should be written in a neutral tone and personal opinions are unnecessary. Your professor will be looking for facts to be stated clearly followed by detailed explainations of the ideas. Decide which elements or events within the text are the most important and focus on them.

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       In the main part of the book review essay, you will have to analyse the text deeper. Discuss why and how the text has been compiled. Look at the order of events, character relationships and the subtext.

       The final paragraph of the essay must be the conclusion. This section will sum together the rest of the essay. The conclusion is the place where you can add some of your own opinions about the book. Adding your own viewpoint gives an interesting dimension to the essay. Another interesting element that can be added is to analyse the text in terms of the society, political situation and culture of when the book was written. The authors own personal experiences may also be highly influential to the book. A common choice for students is to pick two books that are  by the same author and compare and contrast them.

       Students must be aware that a book review essay is not a book report. A book report is a simple and objective narration of a book's ideas, events and themes. A book review essay however requires analysis of the ideas, events and themes and gives descriptions. Students must discuss how the author used literary tools to convey the concepts.

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