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       Many students are confused as to what an exploratory essay actually is. Well the main jist of an exploratory essay is that you can go into writing the essay without knowing exactly what the subject is. An exploratry essay aims to learn whilst researching a topic rather than proving a known phenomena. This makes your choice of subjects incredibly vast, as you needn't know anything about it before you begin.

       When you begin an exploratory essay, you will not know what the conclusions will be at the end. You do not need an opinion on your chosen subject, and you will find out everything from your own research and the direction that you take the study. By the end of the exploratory essay you will be able to prove a point from what you have learnt throughout writing the paper.

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       As you do not have a set viewpoint throughout an exploratory essay, you must put forward a number of different arguements. You must analyse every point from a completely neutral perspective. A common method of raising unanswerable questions is to use rhetorical questions.

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       With an exploratory essay you really get answers to the questions that you ask. Therefore if you ask more questions then you will find out more answers. You must consider the advantages and disadvantages of the topic in question and put forward the views and opinions surrounding the subject. You must start an exploratory essay with a question relating to your subject. Later on you must ask at least one more question.

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