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       The most common and standard essay writing guideline is an APA style research essay. As its name implies, an APA style research essay  must comply with the APA writing style, contrary to the Turabian or MLA style. Writing research essays is a requirement for any academic course, regardless of the grade level. Thus, it is extremely important for students to comprehend the gist of the essay and have a thorough understanding of the APA research style format in order to be a professional writer.

       Students must fully understand the concept of the research essay in order to learn how to write an APA style research essay. The format of an essay is very flexible and usually encourages students to write in the first person and state their personal beliefs. Also, essays are typically short in length.

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       However, in order to write a successful research essay, students must first investigate the topic and then state their findings. An essay, is usually redacted from a certain viewpoint, making it a requirement for every  research essay to include the writer´s opinions.

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       A student must adhere to research essay writing rules in order to write a quality APA style research essay. Moreover, the essay must comply with APA guidelines. These guidelines may be used in several types of academic papers, such as thesis writing, essay writing, paper writing, etc.

       Among its many particular regulations, an APA style essay must always have a “Times Roman” type font of size 10 or 12.  Every page must be adjusted with half inch margins on all sides of the text. The paragraph format must be double spaced and every cover page of the APA style research essay should comply with the same characteristics.

       As noted above, an APA style research essay must be written according to a format. The most noticeable characteristic of the APA style is the essay´s cover page. APA style research essays must have a title and a title abstract at the left-most part on the top of the page. The cover page must include a page number.

       Though APA style research essays share some characteristics with MLA essays, attention must be paid to using the correct writing format. Students must address their teachers in order to clarify any format-related doubts before starting to write an APA style research essay.

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