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       It is just like melting a gold ornament and designing entirely new ornament.Types of Essays

       There are two categories of essay writing. One that is known as formal essay such as those you write for an assignment or for publication and the other is informal essay where you write for the sake of your own enjoyment and does not follow any formal rules. There are several types of formal essays such as argumentative or persuasive essay, cause and effect essay, classification essay, comparison essay, critical essay, deductive essay definition essay, exploratory essay, expository essay, narrative essay, personal essay, research essay, responsive essay etc.

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      For your convenience, we are appending below a short description of some of the most popular types of essays for your perusal.

       Admission Essay

       Along with your application for admission to any class, you are required to write an admission essay.  This essay contains information about you written in your words that may not get reflected in your application. The evaluator or selector knows many things and traits about you. It provides a better insight of your personality and your ambitions. While an application is generally on a predetermined format, an admission essay has a format and structure of your choice. Even the choice of words and the way you present a biography is unique and entirely you. The selectors have little difficulty in differentiating your candidature against several others.

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       Argumentative Essay

       Argumentative essay brings out your assertion in respect of your theory, opinion or hypothesis about some matter, event or people and tries to prove that your stand is more valid and truthful than others. It is just like arguing a case as a pleader before a judge. The only difference is that of vocal presentation and written article. You have to have a title of the topic that has the ability to attract the attention of readers. The thesis must be strong. The introduction should be a précis of what you are going to argue. The body part shall contain points to be argued with definite citation to prove your points. The last point should bring out the climax so that the readers are ready to accept your concluding remarks which sum up all the points and their arguments.

       Cause and Effect Essay

       Cause and effect is why and what of anything and everything. Cause and effect first takes up to describes why anything happens and then tells us as to what would be its effect as a result. One can organize and discuss ideas through a cause and effect essay.

       Comparison Essay

       It takes up similarities and dissimilarities among two or several matters. Writing a good comparison essay would require making a table with separate column for similarities and dissimilarities. A more intelligent method is to draw a Venn diagram of two circles overlapping each other. Plan your essay to discuss the differences first. Take up the similarities in the subsequent section. You may break these sections into multiple paragraphs taking less significant to explain first and more significant thereafter, in order of merit.

       Critical Essay

       The word critical here has not its literal meaning of criticizing but that you have read an article with full seriousness and thereafter you have settled down to write a critical essay about what the article has in store for others to read. It is a detached evaluation where you judge the article according to its merit. You may discuss its salient features such as completeness in telling a story, exactness in conveying a theory or advise, coherence in presentation, use of words and symbols and similar characteristic. In conclusion you shall summarize your findings and give your verdict or point of view.

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