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       Cause and effect essays require ample research, credible sources and detailed analysis. The subject of cause and effect essays is to discuss an event and then look at the effects caused by that event. An example of cause and effect could be if you clean your room, then your mother will be pleased. The results are of actions that would not otherwise occur if the event had not taken place.

       Cause and effect essays should be split into two major parts: the cause and then the effect.The effect may be an event, situation or conversation but to name a few. In complex literature and theatre there may be more than one cause and more than one effect, so when writing you must string them all together in a cohesive and flowing manner.

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       A standard academic essay consists of five paragraphs. For the first paragraph you should focus on an introduction of the characters, a brief of the plot and what you intend to discuss. The main part of the essay will be in the middle. This is called the 'body' of the essay. The last paragraph is the conclusion and where all of the discussions come together. In a cause and effect essay, you must make sure to use credible sources and references to support your statements.  

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       When writing cause and effect essays, they must describe the events of the literature in detail followed by the analysis of the effects that came thereafter. Each event must be concluded suffienciently so as to give a full picture of the situation within the text. In very complex literature, the causes and effects may not necessarily be clear. Asking why will give you the answer to the cause and asking what will give you the answer to the effect.

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