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Critical Analysis Essay

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       In critical analysis essay, the word critical is used for careful evaluation and considered opinion. It can be used to acclaim a literary article as well as disapproving it altogether. It describes the character of your judgment and your scholarly expanse. In one phrase, the word critical can be associated with detached evaluation. This means that you have thoroughly read an article. You have understood and weighed the good and bad features of the article. Finally you have given your assessment of the work without any bias or pre-assumption.

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       A critical analysis essay starts with an analysis after reading article or a book. It necessarily incorporates the following salient points:

  1. A summarized point of view of the author which shall include
  • thesis outlining statement of the main idea,
  • outline of important issues , reasons placed by the author in support of his idea,
  • summation of implied values and a précis of suggestion or conclusion offered for action.
  1. Evaluation of the work which shall include
  • assessment of the details for their relevance and correctness,
  • presence or absence  of relevant facts,
  • evaluation of the consistency in argument and a critical appraisal of author’s ideals

       Once the analysis is complete ascertain whether you have read everything thoroughly. Check the citation and the referencing. If you have missed anything on this then it will rebound upon you as plagiarism.

       You may start writing the first draft of the critical analysis essay. The introduction part will consist of a brief summary of the article under scanner. The thesis will state your stand on the issue of the article. You shall have to state your stand. You shall have to state the importance of your work. You shall have to indicate important questions that have to be addressed. The body part will take up all the points one by one. You may segregate amicable issues and place yhem in the beginning. The conflicting part may be taken up next. Each point and the relevant argument shall be weighted with sources and information duly cited alongside and referenced at the end of the essay. The conclusion will again summarize everything clearly stating critical analysis offered by you.

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       Sometimes, when there is lot of brain storming and researching then the collected ideas and information are arranged in the body part of the draft .On the basis of draft body part, the introduction is written.

       Writing a critical analysis essay is a scholarly work. It requires good understanding of the subject under analysis and presenting the critical analysis.

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