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       Assimilation of clues or points, mathematical precision and logical conclusion blend together to deduce a set of circumstances. Correct deduction is the hallmark of intelligence. Writing a deductive essay is benchmark of literary intelligence. We utilize deductive reasoning in our daily activity. The popular fiction character, Sherlock Homes created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was a master of deductive reasoning.

       You might have deduced several theorems in Mathematics. You might have deduced many theories in Physics and Chemistry. You must have read several fictions in which Parry Mason, Hercule Poirot and James Bond have shown their mastermanship. Now it is your turn to begin developing this aspect of your literary acumen in writing deductive essays and become a man of consequence in the field of deductive reasoning in future.

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       Deductive reasoning needs a series of circumstances, situations or characteristics to draw inferences from. One can solve a puzzle, identify a person or name an entity if enough information is made available.

       Deduction of a situation or person or a place is based on three factors. These are premise, evidence and conclusion. You may construct your deductive essay within the frame work of these three features.

       Premise is the fact presented before you. The fact that the Earth has a definite shape is the subject matter of deductive analysis. The evidence may be presented in many ways. The first is that Christopher Columbus started his voyage in the Wets direction and returned back to his starting position from the East after some years. The second evidence is a physical experiment. If one stares towards the sea then he first sees the top mast of the incoming ship. The conclusion shall be that the Earth is spherical.

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       You may be asked to write a deductive essay on: “Dogs develop Rabies”. In the introduction part, you shall state the facts on which this premise is based. In the body part you shall present evidences in the contrary. You might say that dog under a given circumstances develop rabies. You should elaborate upon different situations that make dogs prone to rabies. In the concluding paragraph you shall prove your point that dogs do develop rabies but not all dogs develop this disease.

       In a deductive essay you should discuss two different aspects and select any one to argue. It should depict a strong feeling attached to your arguments. You may get innumerable type of topics for writing deductive essay. This may range from philosophical theories such as those of Freud to “Monarchy in software world”. You have to write within the parameter of a quality essay taking any one position that you are sure to prove.

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