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       Classification essay is known for presenting a topic after arranging and organizing all the categories. This facilitates breaking down the subject into various components and then discussing every component. This enables clarity and distinction among various aspect of the topic and presents a good contrast. There are basically three steps in an effective classification essay. These are:

  1. Categorize things according to their importance or usefulness.
  2. Use a unique organizing standard for all categories.
  3. Enrich every category with relevant examples.

       Categorization is the most important step in writing a classification essay.Randomness in any action or housekeeping is always unwelcome. Suppose, you wish to arrange a stack of paper placed on your table. You shall like to arrange it in some order to process any piece of paper by picking at one glance. You would be arranging the paper in preference to their importance. You would make a pile of waste paper; another pile of papers needing immediate attention and another stack of paper for perusal at your convenience. It is just as you are asked by your computer to sort your file or folder by name, by date, by last revision, by type etc.

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       You may write any type of classification essay once you make yourself proficient in analyzing data, arranging data into groups or categories taking good note of reliable sources of information. You are supposed to write a classification essay following the most common standard. In this way, you are evaluating your perspective of classifying things or event. You must also see that things or matters are placed in one category having similarities or common features. If you are asked to write a classification essayon fish then the order of categorization would be pond fish, lake fish, river fish and the sea fish or small fish, medium size fish and big fish.

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       You may write your classification essay basically in three ways. These are classifying, rating and evaluating. An effective classification essay may be written as follows:

  • Determining the category thoroughly by not leaving something important. If you are writing a classification essay on water sports played at Hawaii then you have to discuss surfing also with sailing and snorkeling. Inclusion of unwanted categories may also jeopardize the fluency of an essay. If you are writing about sports shoes then a high heel shoes has no place in it.
  • Classify your essay with a single organizing principle. If you are sorting groups then do not indulge in sorting any other aspect. If you have chosen to discuss tourist’s water sports then you must not include native sports in the essay.
  • Give each category an equal consideration in terms of providing examples. Deal each category with almost equal number of example and using almost equal number of word. You may write your most important category more expansively.

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