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      Student life is like a walk on a razor’s edge. All through the year, he is overloaded with number of assignments such as essay, term papers, research papers, dissertation, book review, book reports, case study and many more with one pretext or the other. He cannot escape this part of his life as any procrastination would tell upon his grades and eventually career. Superimposed upon it, there are scholarship essay contests. Some of such contests find their way into the class room via class teacher or the professor concerned. Submission of such scholarship essayis made mandatory by institutes. Some are hoisted on the internet with lucrative scholarship offers. There are several benevolent organizations which genuinely try to provide monetary assistance to intelligent, hardworking but financially challenged students. These situations create anxiety due to time crunch or when the student is not so competitive in writing great essays that would fetch him good grades or a nice scholarship. Some examples are:

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  • $10,000 Any Rand Scholarship Essay contest asking students of 11th. And 12th.grade to write on the famous novel entitled “The Fountainhead”. It speaks of several scholarships ranging from $10,000 to the student achieving first position. Similarly there is $1,000 Second Amendment to the Constitution Essay Contest.  
  • Annual Signet Classic Student Essay Contest asks you to read Willkie Collins’s “The Moonstone” and answer about how different women in the fiction accept or oppose the traditional Victorian or 19th. Century ethics.
  • The scholarship essay contest for $5,000 invites 50-200 word essays on topics such as: “Who had the greatest influence on your career building”, or “What you would like to become after your college life”.


      Students generally resort to taking assistance from several online visible custom essay writing companies to get their essay prepared at a nominal price. No doubt, such students get what they want. They very happily submit the same to their teacher or professor or send the same by courier post or email to the address notified, as the case may be. Instead of getting a good grade or receiving a scholarship they are held accountable for submitting a highly plagiarized scholarship essay.

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       Even if such custom essay bought from unreliable sources is not detected for duplicity, these essays are highly prone to grammatical and spelling errors. These custom essays are neither structured in normal essay format nor cited and referenced as per regulation in some official styling procedure such as APA or MLA. It is pity that even a 200 words essay has too many mistakes. Such essay also goes electronically to the recycle bin or physically into the dust bin.

       In both the above instances, there was one common factor. The writers were not well qualified. The company, in order to earn more profit, hired freelance writers who were neither qualified nor experienced to write great essays.

       Online custom essay writing service of is reputed for its faculty of highly qualified and experienced writers drawn exclusively from UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. These Masters and PhD holders are highly proficient in writing scholarship essays. You may buy scholarship essay without any hesitation. If you like, you may visit our blog to have an examination of our sample scholarship essay. The quality and command over language shall fascinate you. Regarding plagiarism, we shall provide a free copy of plagiarism- free certificate though our writers always write from scratch.  The prices of such essays are also cheap when compared to their quality. We know why students try to succeed in scholarship essay contest. High priced custom essays will not be in line.

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