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       Most instructors/professors will require research paper documentation as a part of the entire paper production process.  The concept of research paper documentation is sometimes confusing to students, because it involves organizing the content, information and data from several sources. 

       For example, if you are involved in the creation of a research paper on the historical development of U.S. involvement in Vietnam during the 1960’s, you will no doubt read books, journal articles, and a perhaps a variety of government/Department of Defense materials.  In all of these sources, you will find political discourse, conflicts of opinions of a variety of interest groups, economic data, and, of course, military troop allocations.  You will learn of Congressional legislation related to the increased involvement.  The issue becomes keeping track of this information with respect to the specific resource from which it comes. 

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       A common traditional method has been through the use of index cards in a small file box.  Here, you can categorize each file by facet of your research.  Using the example of the Vietnam War, then, one file category may be political controversy related to U.S. involvement; another will relate to cost and budgetary considerations; still another may relate to its impact on foreign relations with other countries.  When you then read related content from any source, you can note the source and page number at the top of the card and summarize the information or write a direct quotation on the card, placing it in the proper file category.  In this way, your research paper documentation is intact for inspection by any instructor or professor, and you will be able to make valid in-text citations.

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       Many students struggle with research paper documentation, because, when it comes time to consolidate those cards from a category into an appropriate written segment of the paper, the synthesis becomes difficult.  It takes time and practice to do this well, and students will often need assistance.  If this sounds like you, contact right away.  We will be able to take your research paper documentation and consolidate it into appropriate and well-organized text, for every category of your paper.  As well, we will provide the in-text references and bibliography in the citation format you need.

       Whenever you have academic writing needs of any type, can provide the professional assistance you need.  From start to finish, or for anything in between, is your single source for every bit of writing help.  Get in touch with us today, and let’s discuss your need! 

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