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        Before explaining rubrics of a research paper, it should be worthwhile to know what the word ‘rubric’ stands for in the academic fraternity. Rubric is an effort to communicate quality expectations surrounding a task. Rubrics are generally used to demarcate uniform criteria for formulating a grading system. It can be subjective and complex. It also provides a foundation for self evaluation. It provides fair and accurate assessment. It improves understanding of correct direction to proceed in learning or teaching. We call it formative assessment. It allows students and teachers alike. The students know his treading ground. The teacher knows his expanse of critical assessment.

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       Research paper rubric prescribes instructions and guideline for developing a research paper. The expectation associated with such academic writing may be high but these are very near to standard within academic fraternity. Research paper rubric are almost the same for a student who is writing a research paper and a teacher who is formulating guidelines for grading a research paper.


       Generally, a copy of research paper rubric is provided to a researcher. It outlines the way a student is graded for his research work. It gives an overview of scores attributed to various specifics. It also provides criteria that would be used for evaluation. Most instructors discuss these characteristic of research paper rubricwith their pupil to ease out any confusion.

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       The first aspect that is given due importance is the quality of information. It should contain a thesis statement that is clear, specific and concise and can be proved. The thesis has to have ample support topics to develop itself. There should be sufficient evidence to support your arguments.

       Research paper rubric has clear instructions for structure and organization. It elaborates upon the layout of the research paper. The introduction should contain general background, a bait to hook the attention of readers and a thesis statement. The body part paragraphs have definite links to the thesis. Its sentences should correlate and complement each other. The conclusion should reaffirm the thesis. It contains a brief summary of the paper. It provided insight, reflection and your views clearly stated for readers to comprehend.

       Research paper rubric is very specific about style and language. The sentence structure should be varied and correct. The vocabulary should be rich and to the point. Personal voice has to be specific, appropriate and crystal clear.  Research Paper Rubric also gives guidelines about grammar, spelling and punctuation.

       These characteristic of research paper rubric make clear that one must keep certain defined factors in perspective before forming a particular rubric for a particular course or research paper.

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