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      Many students wonder why they should have an essay thesis statement in their paper. A good essay thesis statement takes a stand in the paper. The essay thesis statement demonstrates the overall conclusion about a given topic. As an example, if a sports fitness class was asked to write an essay on evaluating a well-known weight loss product, they would have to write an essay thesis statement.

       It is important to make sure the essay thesis statement takes a stand and does not present a vague idea. For example, “There are both advantages and disadvantages to taking Banana Herb Tea Supplement to lose weight,” is a weak thesis. There is no concrete stand taken and it is vague. However, a strong essay thesis statement would be something like, “Banana Herb Tea Supplement promotes quick weight loss but it also results in loss of lean body mass and muscle, which is a potential danger to those using it.” In this essay thesis statement, a stand is taken – the Banana Herb Tea Supplement does work, but because of the dangers, it can be harmful to customers.

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       A good, strong thesis will justify discussion. The essay thesis statement needs to indicate the main discussion points. If a student is assigned to write an essay on different kinship systems using their family as a good example, there are two different essay thesis statements that could be concluded. Saying “I have an extended family,” is a weak essay thesisstatement because it is an observation, it is not a point.

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       However, an essay thesis statement like, “While numerous American families see consanguineal marriage as threatening to the common nuclear family structure, a number of Iranian families, including my own, are under the belief that this type of marriage assists in reinforcing kinship ties through an extended family,” is strong. This is because it show how the experience of the writer contradicts a commonly accepted societal view. To create a good essay thesis statement, a good strategy to keep in mind is to demonstrate how that particular topic is viewed as controversial. This will make the reader interested and they will continue to read the essay.

       Only one main idea should be expressed in an essay thesis statement. Only give the readers one main point. If a writer throws in multiple points in their essay thesis statement, can get rather confusing. For example, “Business much exploit the internet’s full marketing potential, and website pages are able to offer both customer support and advertising” is weak because the reader is unable to determine if the essay is going to be able internet marketing or website pages. If the writer wants to revise this statement, they must determine a link between these two concepts. An example of that would be, “Due to the fact that the internet it full of incredible marketing potential, businesses should be looking for opportunities to exploit the potential via website pages offering customer support and advertising.” This essay thesis statement is strong because it demonstrates a correlation between the two concepts.

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