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       Anyone who has written a research paper knows what a research paper bibliography is.  Basically, the writer must include a complete list of all resources utilized in the gathering of the information or data used to produce the work.  Dependent upon the academic level of the student and the complexity of the work, a research paper bibliography may contain anywhere from 5 to 100 cited resources. 

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       Any research paper bibliography may includes books, journal articles, published academic works (e.g., dissertations), and Internet resources.  For books, the author, title, publication place, date, and publisher must be included.  For journal articles, the author and title of the article, as well as the periodical name, volume and issue number, and the pages within that journal that contain the referenced article.  Academic and Internet resources will also require similar information.

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       Generally, the format for a research paper bibliography will be determined by the instructor, professor, or institution, and each format has its unique features.  Dependent upon the required format, the order in which the details of each cited work will differ, and it is important to follow the precise formats required.

       It is also important to remember that most instructors and professors will not allow you to cite a resource in a bibliography to which you have not referred in the actual research paper, through the use of notes or footnotes.  This is to prevent students from “padding” their resources in order to meet the minimum number required.

       The research paper bibliography does not have to be stressful or complicated matter.  Simply be certain that you know the precise format for each type of work and that you are following the format style required by your instructor.

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