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       The literary meaning of response is the act of responding; a reply to an answer and a reaction to a stimulus. Response essay basically imbibes a response to some academic work by an author. The attitude and reaction to some specific vision, idea or statement of the author and its effect on the life of the author, is purely personal of the writer of the response essay. The arguments given in the essay is of subjective nature and is specific to the critical abilities of the author.

       A response essay draws parallel between the work under analysis and personal experience. All statements have to be validated by actual evidence. This shall make the response essayvery logical. It shall be also aligned to the reader’s response to the line of thought.  

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       As with other complex essays, the selection of topic bears a great importance. There are several topics on which one can write a response essay. The writer must choose one which makes him confident in respect of giving proofs to substantiate line of thinking. If you are able to select a good topic then almost half the battle is won. If you have some inkling then you must visit our online custom essay writing service at to get assistance. Some great topics for response essayare as under:

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  • The Movie that Changed my Philosophy.
  • The Article that I Would Like to Read Again and Again.
  • Documentaries that are Worth Seeing.
  • Yellow Journalism.
  • Fashion to Cloud 2011 & Beyond.
  • Last Album of my Favorite Singer.

       The layout of response essay comprises of a good introduction followed by a body part. This body part is in fact the body mass of your response essay. You may divide the body part into 3 to 5 paragraphs depending upon how many points you are contemplating to argue. The essay ends with a resounding conclusion.

       Introduction carries upon its shoulder the load of your thesis statement. Thesis statement should be shorter but its mass to volume ratio should be great. High gravitational thesis shall spontaneously attract the attention of readers.

       You may be pulled towards giving too many points and arguments in your body part. This shall diminish the quality of your response essay. Select only those aspects which shall make your essay substantial and an essay of quality content. You may use some unique techniques to disclose responses of the author such as Onomatopoeia, Simile, Alliteration, Metaphor, etc. This reveals parallelism between personal experience of the author and his work.

       A good conclusion guarantees success of your response essay. You have to clearly and concisely put forwards your substantiation vis-à-vis your thesis statement.

       If you are still looking for great response essay then there is only one website. Online custom essay writing service of, on the basis of mammoth bench strength of quality professional writers, beckons you to visit our portal to have a glimpse of our supremacy over others in delivering cheaply priced essay on varied topics and also custom essay on a topic of your choice. You can easily place order to buy response essay at any time of the year.

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