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      When writing a professional essay for a course, students are required to have a vast amount of knowledge, but they are also required to completely understand how to effectively and successfully structure an essay. Every essay has a basic structure to which it follows and it rarely changes. The basic structure of an essay includes the introduction of the essay, the essay body paragraphs, and then the essay conclusion. The structure of an essay is extremely important because not only does it allow the writer to formulate and present their arguments, but it makes it easy for the teacher or professor to read. To effectively compose an accurate essay in the right fashion, it is essential to remember the main points concerning the essay body paragraphs and all the structural elements of this part of the essay.

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       The essay body paragraphs describe the topic of the essay. All the main ideas and supporting arguments outlined prior to writing will become separate essay body paragraphs. If, for example, the outline featured four main ideas, there will be four essay body paragraphs. To begin this process, it is vital to write down every main idea and how you are going to expand on it in the paragraph.

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       All the essay body paragraphs need to have the same fundamental structure.

  • First begin by writing out one of the main ideas in the form of a complete sentence. If the main idea for the body paragraph is “reduces the amount of freeway congestion,” then the sentence might be “Public transportation reduces the amount of freeway congestion.”
  • After writing out the sentence, write note each supporting point for that main idea; however, keep four or five lines between every main point.
  • In the free space underneath the main point, write down some ideas on how to elaborate on that point. Elaboration can be further utilized in the explanation and discussion. It also gives individuals ideas on where to look for information. If the supporting point written is “Numerous commuters continue to appreciate the  monetary savings of using public transportation instead of driving,” than the elaboration would be, “Less time spent driving means less money spent on annual maintenance items, like oil changes. But, driving less also means less money spent on filling up the tank with gas. The amount of money saved by just not filling up the gas tank is more than the price of using public transportation.”
  • If you would like, you are able to include a summary sentence with each paragraph. This sentence is often not required as it can make the paragraph sound stilted, and therefore, they must be used with caution.

       Each essay body paragraph should focus on only one idea that supports the thesis statement made in the introduction paragraph. All essay body paragraphs must have a clear topic sentence (almost like a miniature thesis statement), and details as well as specific examples must be used to convince the reader of your ideas.

       Organization of essay body paragraphs is extremely important. After writing the topic sentence of the paragraph, use three or four supporting details. The topic sentence must relate to the main thesis statement of the essay paper. This will maintain unity throughout the entirety of your essay paper. Only use relevant information when it comes to supporting the topic sentence of the body paragraph.

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