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      Stories, tales and factual news bulletins, all come in the category of narratives. Still, students become unnerved when asked to write a narrative essay. It may be because there is difference in structuring traditional essays and narrative essays. Whereas, normal essay has a definite structure consisting of an introduction, body part and a conclusion, narrative essay flows with describing some event or happening and putting up a resolution with climax intervened at the tail end. You cannot expose your main point in the introductory thesis as this would reveal the outcome of a plot and shall make your narrative essay uninteresting. You must remember that if you are describing an accident in your narrative essay then you are putting forth a chain of events and not laws of science or nature. A topic from the pages of history is always recommended for writing a good narrative essay.

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       Personal thinking and experiences have a good scope in the arena of narrative essay writing. Our life is full of experiences which could be converted into stories and can be discussed in a narrative essay. We have only to filter out the essentials from a fused mosaic of information stored in our mind.

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       You have to tell a story in the narrative essay but with a definite roadmap. The point of view shall be altogether yours which may be said in the opening sentence or at the end of the opening paragraph. The verbs should be precise and vivid. The sequence of the story should be such as to spell bound a reader.

       The readers are interested to know about your story. Therefore, your opening paragraph should show the experience that you are going to unfold and explain its significance in few words. This would create an interest in the mind of readers. They shall like to read further preferably to the end. The closing paragraph is generally used to spell out meaning and lesson implicit in your experience.

       Writing a narrative essay is sometimes difficult for the first timers. Some students have enough experience and vision to develop it into a narrative essay but they are weak in writing them. We encourage such students and all others also, who find any problem with writing a narrative essay to contact our online custom essay writing service at They can easily buy cheaply priced packages.  They shall have to fill a form giving hints of experience and the way they want to mould the same into a narrative essay. The rest we shall do. The completed original narrative essay shall be yours for submission before given deadline.

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