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The 5 paragraph essay

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      The 5 paragraph essay is a must for all the school and college students. You will not find a single student who would not have written a 5 paragraph essay during the school or college days. Earlier, the students used to write their essays on their own as they were hardly given four or five assignments during the entire academic year. The picture today is entirely different.Today, the students have to write several essays on almost all the subjects during their academic years. The number of assignments and examinations has also gone up putting the students under tremendous pressure. They do not know what to do as they do not have time to even play or eat. They are continuously studying and trying to complete the assignments.

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      The 5 paragraph essay is not at all difficult to write as it is the most basic form of essay. The essay comprises of five paragraphs.

  • Introduction
  • First paragraph
  • Second paragraph
  • Third paragraph
  • Fourth paragraph
  • Conclusion

       The introduction of the essay should be very impressive as it will make the reader curious to read further. The first, second, and third paragraphs should contain all the information, examples, and quotations which you want to discuss in the essay. The transition from one paragraph to another should not look abrupt as it will break the continuity of the 5 paragraph essay. The conclusion should be comprehensive and logical. The 5 paragraph essay is not that difficult to write if you have practiced writing some of them before. The problem with the students is that they do not have enough time to spare on practice or research. Therefore, the only option for them left is to buy the essay from a reliable custom essay writing service.

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