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How to Get Along with Strict Professors

Strict Professors

Precious Tips for Students

A new academic year has begun. If you’re a college freshman, this studying experience is both exciting and terrifying. Have you already encountered an incredibly strict professor during one of the lectures? I understand what you feel: his or her pace of explaining the material seems to be abnormally fast and the amount of homework is unfairly huge. Your only question is: “How could I survive the first semester?” You should stop hitting the panic button because this situation has a way out.

Research Your Professors

Your key to success is becoming cleverer and slyer. You can be grateful for living in the modern world of thriving technologies because your good friend Internet can be your lifesaver. It’s time to start actively using a website Rate My Professors, which presents reviews and ratings of more than million teachers based on students’ experiences. Besides, you can find some insightful information on the official website of your college, which often includes biographical facts of the pedagogical staff. So, before attending the lecture conducted by the realistic embodiment of Severus Snape or, what is worse, Dolores Umbridge, read reviews about your educators. It won’t be complicated to find out about the attitude of senior students to the manner of teaching of these professors, their professional attainments, and the topics they like to concentrate on. Your main task is to learn their preferences by heart.

Pay Attention to Every Word

You can acquire much information about your professors, even not being a spy – you just have to listen attentively. Besides teaching a certain subject, your lecturers can tell some important facts related to their hobbies, student life, and achievements. If you hear something like that, don’t be lazy to write down some curious facts. This way, you’ll start to understand your professors better. With a little luck, you’ll be able to grasp their inner worlds. It will do you a favor, especially if your professor teaches literature or philosophy because your tasks are often imaginative. You can daringly combine your creative ideas with the thoughts that reflect your lecturer’s interests.

Make Your Homework Creative

It’s essential to show your interest in the subject and include some extracurricular research on the topics that your professor is dedicated to (for instance, you may discover the subject of his dissertation). After you get your first homework results, it’s advisable to ask the professor’s opinion about your ideas and also to inquire about the weak points of your work. While your thoughts partly reflect your teacher’s academic preferences, they will be glad to elucidate every point and even praise you for your “original” ideas. Just remember, you should patiently accept even negative comments because every educator usually dislikes when students overreact. This homework inquiry should turn into a meaningful conversation, which will help you to covertly dictate your conditions. It is favorable to express your ambition to improve your homework. If the professor is interested in the topic you’ve chosen, there is a high chance you won’t get other assignments until you improve the already known task.

If you find common ground with your professors, your academic year will be less stressful. All in all, don’t we study to gain some valuable knowledge and enjoy our lives?

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