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Argumentative Essay – Solution for Bullying

Solution for Bullying

These days, bullying has become one of the most urgent issues in the society that we have to deal with. The impact it has on children and young people is pernicious as being in a constant state of bullying may lower their self-esteem and decrease their confidence. In some cases, bullying may lead to harsher consequences, such as breakdowns or even suicidal thoughts, which should be alarming for adults and should call for action in order to prevent a disaster. The solution to this problem incorporates few actions by following which we may stop bully’s attacks.

First of all, educating the bullies may have positive results as usually the kids who are inclined to take advantage of other kids or show violence towards them may have problems themselves. In most cases, the potential bullies are not confident children who compensate the lack of confidence with loud and arrogant behavior. In such a way, they show their pretentious strength and superiority. Thus, these kids may not know that they hurt their victims, and that, it may lead the latter to suicide. By teaching the bullies, we may foresee the potential negative results for both a victim and a perpetrator.

Secondly, when educating may help with some light cases of bullying, in other words, with those conscious people who just feel insecure and unsure and that’s why act arrogantly, other bullies need harsher actions, such as punishment. Those who hurt and get pleasure from doing this deserve to be seriously punished for their nasty behavior. Considering this idea, the school’s administration has to be on the alert and take actions against those who cross boundaries and harm other children and young people. Detention after school is a good way out, but this measure should be also followed by a talk with a psychologist as the chances are that what happened once may happen again.

The final point is about protecting the victims from their bullies. Again, this action has to be taken into consideration by the school authorities. Thus, whenever the cases of bullying happen, the bullied people have to be taken care of. The victims have to be taught how to protect themselves against the actions of physical and psychological violence. The young people deserve to be treated fairly; which is why knowing at least the basics of self-defense and psychological counterattacks in order not to get on the bully’s hook and get into a victim’s role is of paramount importance. The longer victims suppress their emotions and hide their pain, the worst outcomes of bullying can be. Thus, it is vital for teachers, parents and other adults to take seriously children’s concerns and react immediately to them.

There is no universal approach to this situation as each scenario is different. It should be noted that if we try to educate the bullies, punish them, and teach victims how to confront attacks physically and psychologically, we can stop bullying in schools, as well as save lives and grow a strong and resistible generation.

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