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Moral Values: Essay Example

Moral Values

If you have to write an essay on moral values, this article is for you! Read it to learn what aspects you could cover in your essay and see examples of how you could do this!

Example 1: “The Notion of Moral Values: Two Separate Concepts”

There are basically two notions that form the idea of moral value: they are ‘moral’ and ‘value’. When used separately, both of them signify a set of certain rules that deal with the categories of good and bad, positive and negative, right and wrong, etc. Basing their behavior and thoughts on these rules, people make choices in their relationships and other social spheres.

For example, taking the notion of value, we can see that it has a certain meaning for an individual. But since this notion is rather abstract, its connotation can vary for different people. Speaking of the notion of moral, we may notice that it has a more profound social impact and a more precise meaning. If we unite these two notions, what we get will be the set of behavioral rules that is extremely significant for the society.

Example 2: “Moral Values and Religion”

Religion is one of the most important sources of moral values. Religions commonly provide the individuals with the sets of rules that sustain their principles and have to be followed by all members of a certain religious group. In other words, it is the behavioral code that has to be maintained by the followers of a religion. In case an individual breaks part of this code, he or she is considered to have committed a sin that is going to be punished somehow. There are a number of examples of different moral values in various religions and cultures. For example, monogamy is propagated by Christianity; therefore, having more than one spouse is considered a sin. In the meantime, polygamy is allowed in Islam; consequently, a man can have more than two wives.

Conclusion on the Essay on Moral Values

As it has been defined, the notion of moral values is multi-partial. It can be identified as a behavioral code that a person has to follow to make choices and decisions. Moral values in various cultures and nations can be different. Religion, as well as cultural traditions and laws, may serve as a source of moral values. Meanwhile, some moral values may also be a source for developing and creating laws or traditions.

Additional Comments

  • Give definitions to the notion of moral values and their sources;
  • Evaluate moral values from different points of view;
  • Pay attention to sociological issues, as well as philosophical and psychological aspects of the formation of moral values;
  • If you have to make a speech, create the presentation that will appeal to your audience.

Good luck with writing your essay, and may you get the highest grade for it!

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