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Free Recourses to Study Psychology

Free Recourses to Study Psychology

Due to the rapid progress of psychology and its collaboration with other fields, different notions already entered our public awareness. Moreover, today, society conducted a great interest in psychology. Below you can find online courses which will help you with that.

Preparatory Psychology

Entering the Psychology

U. of T. through Coursera

Basically introductory course of what is the mind and behavior.

Entering the Psychology: (PSYC 1310)

ETSU through OpenBUCS
Basic notions, theories, and approaches of psychology.

PSYCH101x: Entering the Psychology

SMES through edX
This entering course is all about basic psychological theory and the latest empirical researches.

Roots of Psychology

What is Mind

UCT through FutureLearn
This free online course will answer the most important questions about our mind and how it works.

ePSYx: e-Psychology Trends

The University of Leuven through edX
Learn about the e-based promotion of physical, mental, and social health.

Essentials of Psychology

RMIT University through Open2Study
Learn how psychologists understand and explain the humans’ nature.

Psychology as a Way to Win

The Winning Mindset: Sports Psychology

IOC Athlete MOOC through Independent
Dr. Cliff Mallet gives practical strategies that will help you to make a perfect mindset for the next competition.

GSE1.1x: Braking the Chains of Inability to Change

Harvard University through edX
A new Psychological concept of changing yourself to achieve new heights.

Psychology and Emotions

Happiness in Science

UCB through edX
Learn how to build a happy and meaningful life with a help of science.

Happiness and Fulfillment in Life

ISB through Coursera
Curious about what is happiness or whether you’re happy enough? This course is for you.

Success with a Help of Emotional Intelligence

Taylor’s University through OpenLearning
Learn how to achieve success beyond the academic measures.

Experimental Psychology

The Policlinic Psychology of Children and Young People

UoE through Coursera
The course explains how psychology can be applied to young people’s mental health and well-being.

Supporting Kids with Dyslexia

University of London International Programmes through Coursera
This course will help teachers to learn more about kids with ‘dyslexia’ and how to maintain the best help for them.

Social Behaviorism

Social Psychology

Wesleyan University through Coursera
This course will answer all ‘why’ questions about humans’ behavior.

Relationship Science

CSU via CourseSites
Find the answers to a lot of popular relationship questions.

Mental Health

Psychology and Mental Health

University of Liverpool through FutureLearn
Learn how the knowledge about our emotions can improve our mental health and well-being.

Psychological Emergency

Johns Hopkins University through Coursera
Learn how to use R.A.P.I.D. in order to give a first psychological aid for people in an emergency.

Criminal Psychology

Judicial Psychology: Witness Learning

OU through FutureLearn
Explore how psychology can be useful in courts.

Crime101x: The Psychology of Criminal Justice

UQ through edX
Learn how knowledge about behavior can improve our criminal justice system.

Note that not everything is currently available. Add the wished course to MOOC Tracker and we will tell you when it becomes available.

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