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Technology PowerPoint Presentation

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Technology PowerPoint Presentation


Innovative technologies can useful in enhancing communication in the criminal justice field. The technologies are useful tools in areas like court testimonies during trials, interviews, and interrogation. Indico system, for instance, can record and store both audio and video information. The software that is obtained in this way assist in reducing time and increasing quality in the criminal justice process from the time of arrest to trials. It also helps in obtaining evidence. Videoconferencing is useful in Danish courts, since it helps in the interviewing of detainees who are in distant places.


Use of Logica and Indico System in Interviews & Interrogation

Logica and Indico Systems together allow the judiciary to increase the investment's value in communications, conferencing, and recording. The two systems combined, allow institutions to provide customers with a high degree of reliability, safety, and administration of services of solutions that they invest in.

The Danish police have found out that the Indico system is a new technique for interviewing, which produces a lot of information. The police force can now record interviews from witnesses and suspects in rape, homicide, and other crime-related cases. The combination of the two systems makes the interviewee to speak freely and uninterrupted about any recollection of events. Traditionally, the interview involves interruptions and pauses. According to the police, such cases lead to the inaccuracy of recorded and documented information. The interruptions can be due to a police officer trying to fill his or her report at the interview time.

Now, the department of police at Roskilde (Denmark), has introduced a new technique, where there is an interview room having a sitting area. The interview area has microphones and video cameras, which are used to record video and audio sources. The system assists the investigator to obtain a lot of investigative material, since it makes both parties focus on the interview.

The cognitive interview technique is an improvement, which is different from the traditional technique. In this technique, the interviewees are directed to go back to the event scene, then talk on their experiences in own words and timing. Inspector Jens Møller believes that the approach provides a more objective and broader interview. The method now is a pilot since it has managed to facilitate a limited number of interviews in a specific interrogation room. This technique is efficient because it can save the investigation time, only if the details and information are available at the beginning of the case.

Use of Video Conferencing in Court Testimony

It is now outdated for the police service to travel on Danish roads for case hearings. The videoconferencing in the courtroom enables the interviewing of detainees who are in the Jutland, and may not want to be present physically during the hearing. The year 2010 saw the inauguration of the new technology by the Esbjerg city court. The court administration Prison and Probation service, the prosecutor General, and the national police through collaboration equipped the Esbjerg and Sønderborg court with videoconferencing and Indico Audio equipments, which are vital in recording of cases. This has made possible the hearing of certain cases by videoconferencing where participants are hailing from about four locations.

Previously, police were transporting prisoners for distances as long as 100 kilometers to the court for the hearing of their cases, but the new equipment now enables this hearing to take place by video conference between the remand centre and the court. This curbs a situation where a prisoner may attempt to escape during transportation to court. Videoconferencing equipment can also serve as evidence of police surveillance videos during the hearing and for securing audio recordings, which securely records the trials.

Surette (2010) described the positive and negative effects of new technologies in criminal justice system.

Overall positive effect due to new technologies

Innovative technologies in the criminal justice field are vital because:

1.         They increase case output by using computer-based systems to record and monitor progress on court cases.

2.         They help in rapid transfer of the case details by use of computer communication systems.

3.         They positively identify other prosecutions, which are pending on individuals by enabling access to registers of other courts or prosecutors.

4.         They enable a high, successful rate of cases by analyzing case details and allowing rapid access to case law and statutes.

5.         They assist with decision making, especially in selecting charges, by use of computer systems to look into charges and pleas.

Overall negative effect due to new technologies

1.         No technology gives a magic tool for solving complicated issue like crimes. Overreliance on innovative technologies may not solve some detailed criminal cases.

2.         In a country or area where the technology is not advance, the use of innovative technologies in criminal justice becomes challenging.

3.         The innovative technologies discourage the use of paperwork in the criminal justice system; hence, if there is a technical breakdown in the system the prosecutions will halt.


Innovative technologies are powerful tools in the system of criminal justice. They are crucial in the interviews, interrogations, and court testimonies. Logica and Indico Systems assist the courts to increase communications in case related issues like conferencing and recording. The Danish police use the Indico system for interviews in order to produce enough information. This concerns the use of audio and video sources. Videoconferencing is also useful for conducting court hearings instead of transporting prisoners over a long distance, which in can even provide them with an opportunity to escape. Although the technologies present some challenges, they have many positive effects like speeding up the case hearings and increasing the success rate of court cases.


Buy custom Technology PowerPoint Presentation essay

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