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Effects of Using Instructional Technology in Schools

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In recent times, issues regarding education in the American federal states have attracted considerable debate in policy agenda (Kulik, 2003). This has followed the realization by the national government that the states have been insufficiently preparing students, sometimes right from elementary schools, with vulnerable/marginalized ones bearing the greatest brunt.  Kulik (2003) notes that the concerns of the long term socio-economic as well as political implications that miss-ups portend have driven these debates and measures that games play in learning are being emphasized. According to him, the use of games mediated with technology, such as video games, are particularly becoming crucial component in education in American schools and other countries in relation to performance improvement. Despite these realities, some schools don’t have the capacity to exploit or possess, yet it is verifiable that teachers employing games in learning have positive outcomes, particularly in Science subjects and Mathematics (Kulik, 2003).

 The use of Integrated Learning Systems in (ILSs) Mathematics by Pre-school teachers is one area worth examining.  Kulik (2003) observes that studies have shown that scores in Mathematics and Science subjects are often higher in with pupils taught by ILS. More interestingly, for studies that focused exclusively on mathematics, the performance is often much higher when ILS was exclusively designed to measure performance in mathematics, but lower when instructions were divided to deal with reading and mathematics alike.  Further, computer games tend to be simulative.  Kulik affirms that whenever these games are used, they give pupils the theoretical understanding and highly simplified strategies to relate mathematics and sciences to the real world.  In a way, these prepare the students/pupils for future learning endeavors as they further their education. Regardless of studies showing that the scale is lower, Kulik believes that simulation methods using computer mediated games as well as other games remain helpful in preparing and equipping students with practical skills (Kulik, 2003).

In sum, using games particularly those bordering on technology brings good results in education. In any case, the creation of fruitful citizens, who are not only better prepared for further education and later meaningful employment, should be the focus of educational stakeholders if responding to the needs of the universal marketplace is something to prioritize.

Buy custom Effects of Using Instructional Technology in Schools essay

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