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Research and Digital Communication

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Internet today has made work much easier. Anyone can find the information they need through the search engines at the click of a button (Gurak & Lannon 2006). The internet has several search engines in which a person can use to access information. In this exercise, the search engines used are Google and Complete planet. First aid is the subject that I chose to research about on the internet. I used both Google and Complete planet to find information for first aid. While searching, comparisons were done on the results obtained, and the speed at which the results were retrieved.

Google is more open than complete planet. That is, in Google home page, one only has to type in any word. On entering the subject title on Google, it gave any results for first aid. This information is from all sites found on the internet. While complete planet has topics already listed. Hence, to get information on first aid, one has to click on the related topic and follow the lead.  Complete planet does not offer immediate answer as one has to keep following the closes link on the site. Using complete planet takes more time compared to Google. However, both search engines give information to guide the user to the net page. The speed on both Google and complete planet is fast.

As observed on the mails on Yahoo, the following conclusions were realized. The mails sent to my inbox come immediately from the sender (Gurak & Lannon 2006). The inbox receives as many messages as possible. All new messages are in a sequential order. I have to log in so that I can read the content of the mail. To log in I use my own private password. The e-mail account can be opened by anyone who has the password. Hence, the password is a secret. The e-mails do not seem to be restricted to grammar. The language used is informal. However, it is necessary for the owner of the e-mail to be keen when accessing e-mails. This is because information can easily be retrieved without your permission (Gurak & Lannon 2006).

Buy custom Research and Digital Communication essay

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