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      Technology plays a major role to the intelligence of Americans. According to Bustos, intelligence is defined as a composite of general and specific abilities that characterize an individual’s level of neurological functioning in the context of his or her effectively applied experience and manifested in his or her dynamic coping with the challenges for adjustment which makes in the day to day living. On the other hand, technology involves carrying out activities that enable the Americans to identify various opportunities that arise as a result of its use which enables them to be well prepared for the future. It therefore assists the Americans in their day to day activities by capturing important information that is related to technology which enables people to make more informed decisions thereby making them to go for better choices.

      Technology has enabled the Americans to become more intelligent in the past and in the present. This is evident where we find out that, the civil war that took place in America enhanced the marriage of technology with intelligence. In the past, the Americans were used to doing things their own way for example; they were not using some materials such as balloons in the civil wars which were being used by other countries. During this period the introduction of new technology enabled the Americans to identify other and better materials that were being used by other countries.

      Later on, new technology enabled the Americans to become more intelligence which led to the use of telegraphs which replaced the use of balloons. The introduction of telegraphs improved the operations during the civil war whereby information was passed easily and in a manner that way more secure. Technology has continued to improving the intelligence of Americans because it has helped them to become more intelligent by identifying better ways of doing of things and improving their systems that are used in defense. America is known to be a superpower. This is because the rest of the world knows that they cannot beat the Americans in their activities especially the ones that are related to war. As a result, different countries have always considered America’s assistance in various activities that they carry out because they believe they are more intelligent as compared to other states and countries.

      New technology led to emergence of other activities that led to the marriage of technology and intelligence after the civil war. These activities facilitated photographic intelligence. This type of intelligence was used to photograph other countries’ coastal defenses where ships were used. The photographic intelligence was developed until it became a strategic effort that was used by the America’s Navy. It is therefore right to say that technology has enabled the Americans to acquire hostile intelligence. Stair and Reynolds note that this type of intelligence is determined by the degree of human collection networks which is facilitated by new technology which assists in satisfaction of the requirements (218).

      In the past, the Americans relied on the industrial sector for carrying out various tests, research, development and evaluation processes for them to develop weapons, establish communication and for intelligence development which shifted their hostile intelligence. Hostile intelligence has been used by the Americans to monitor their telecommunication channels for example the satellite links and other ground transmissions. Technology has also helped the Americans to acquire artificial intelligence which involves the ability to understand and use machines which facilitates production. This is has enabled the Americans to produce products in masses which has promoted economic growth. The use of machines also improves efficiency, effectiveness and even the production speed.

      Technology has also enabled the American students to acquire visual spatial intelligence. This is because the students use televisions and other equipments such as computer-printers and copy machines that facilitate learning. Glandon defines visual-spatial intelligence as the ability on an individual to see the visual-spatial world accurately and express those images through painting, drawing, designing and sculpting. The use of advanced technology assists students in their thinking processes because it helps them to become more interactive and active in the learning process.

      The visual media has also been of great help to the people who have special needs. This is because it has been used to improve their intelligence and put them in a better position to handle life issues and challenges. An example of this is the use of IBM’s speech viewer which is used by the people who have difficulties in speech which enables them to see their speaking pattern through the equipment.  The IBM’s speech viewer thereafter gives feedback which enables the students to know the areas that they need to improve on hence they are in a position to make appropriate changes. The visual spatial equipments motivate individuals by engaging them through the exercise of visual spatial intelligence which improves the accessibility of the subjects to individuals. Technology also supports people with other forms of disabilities thereby improving their intelligence. The use of computers helps individuals to identify their strengths and weaknesses in their interaction with technology.

      In conclusion, the use of technology is vital in any organization setup. This is because it helps individuals to acquire more skills, come of with new ideas and better ways of carrying out their activities. It also equips individuals with knowledge thereby enabling them to make better decisions in their lives and handle issues that affect them because they can reason, brainstorm and come up with solutions to issues affecting them. The Americans should therefore carry out research and development which improve their intelligence form time to time with the help of technology.

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