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User Centered Technology

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I agree with the author of the article since there has been a dramatic change in the way that information and entertainment is delivered to the consumer. The internet has revolutionized the way that content is delivered to consumers with a departure from the reliance on print medium to the digital world where information made available to the consumer is personalized to fit his or her needs and interests. The internet has resulted in many changes in the way people are able to access information with the location of a person not being a hindrance or the reliance on print material such as newspapers, and maps.

The current consumer lives in a digital age where one’s personal experience is the most important and therefore providers of information and entertainment have to change the way that they deliver their content so as to remain relevant. The availability of digital devices that are able to connect to the internet while on the move have made it easy for people to access the kind of information that they want irrespective of where they are as well as buy products online with just a click of one button. By doing this, they buy both the product and the experience wherein they are buying what they want at their own convenience which makes the whole process rather personalized.

The resulting corporate battles amongst companies offering such content arises from the need to be able to control this personalized experience through the provision of content that will enable consumers to have access to what they want within a click of a button. Information and entertainment content provided to consumers will be that which they want based on the place, time of day, recommended information by friends, and other preferences that best suit them. The icing on the cake will be the ability of these systems to perform these tasks without the consumer having to instruct them.

Buy custom User Centered Technology essay

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