Custom «Future Shop» Essay Paper

Custom «Future Shop» Essay Paper

The HP Pavilion P6774F PC is the perfect product to meet the complete day to day watching on HD video as well as graphically played games. The desktop PC provides several ways to make the computing experience of any user richer. It is included with 6GB memory system, a AMD phenom II 840T Quad-Core Processor, and a 802.11n WiFi. These futures provide the connectivity, performance and connectivity needed. In addition, the product has a 15-in-1 front panel memory card reader which makes the transfer of music, files and photos easy to peripheral devices. It is featured with a DVD burner that makes use of light scribe technology making it possible to create silkscreen quality labels, custom, and artwork into CD and DVD discs that are light scribe enabled.  The product operating instructions are only in English as well as the system software. This is to mean that the Gigabytes and GB are in reference to 1 Billion Bytes (Snider and Ziporyn, 2008).

Acer 15.6” Intel Core i3-370M Laptop (AS5742-6458)-Black

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The Acer AS5742-6458 laptop Aspire is featured with 6GB system memory, an Intel i3 processor core, and LED HD 15.6 display offering efficiency, power and performance. To increase its efficiency, it has additional features like a media card reader, webcam, HDMI connectivity and hard drive of 640GB. The product works best in an environment that is multi threaded with processors such as the Intel Core i3-370M and performs faster with a memory system of up to 6GB. The laptop operates in multiple application watch movies and windows with impressive color and details on the backlit HD display 15.6” display. Customers enjoy most its ability to transfer data to other portable devices which record shop clips, take snap pictures and read video conference. It is included with build in microphone and webcam. The product contains both French and English languages in its software system and operating instruction.

Samsung 19” LCD Monitor with 5ms Response Time (S19A1ON) (Snider and Ziporyn, 2008).

The monitorhas ultra-high resolution and magic features to bring the whole world in your living room. It is included with a 5ms response team to allow fast- moving images with crystal-clear images. The seamless motion imaging of the monitor presents the games, movies, and streamed content without judder blurring motion and with precision. The magic color monitor gives the viewer a range of enhancements when it comes to color. It is also included with a magic tune which allows the customer to control the monitors color, image size, and brightness to suit any preferences. These features make the Samsung 19” LCD Monitor with 5ms Response Time (S19A1ON) preferable to other similar applications (Kruger, 2005).

2 current software products that would be used in your area of tourism or hospitality from vendor web sites.

RezOvation GT

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RezOvation GT is a Guest Tracker’s inspired software that has simple interface and is included with new features which make it easy to run any organization in need of hospitality services. The software provides an online reservation through the organization website. It integrates lodging credit cards that are certified saving money and time. Through this software, the organization will be able to have a full accounting and reporting package making management of any organization a breeze. RezOvation GT makes use of the NET Microsoft platform programming which is the latest software technology as well as the SQL 2008. The two guaranteed – compatibility and stability for many years to come (Dver, 2003).

RoomKey Software

In a hotel situation, the property Management can easily use the RoomKey as the software which provides a system that is centrally hosted meeting the demands of inn or hotel size. It offers a variety of services such as internet distribution services, check guest out and in, manage room inventory, handle accounting functions and service guest requirements. The software can also be used to make reservations and process the billings of all the departmeents (Norton, 1999).

SWOT Analysis


“Show&Tell” has strategies in place to know its customers one by one. Its direct sales have an easy time on the market as it has maintained a good historical relationship.



The shop has a low per unit costs on sales. It does not offer what other competitors are offering like knowledgeable sales. It is yet to earn a national name that will help its products flow easily into the national advertisement.


The Local area network is a boost for the shop as it is made up of small businesses and home offices.

Its internet services provide increasing opportunities as it can easily reach its customers.



Most of the sold products make use of old technology thus most clients tend to shy off.

“Show&Tell” being a large store that is price oriented, offers huge advertisements that are of low prices making the customers mistake this to poor quality services




The Future shop offers high quality services and at affordable prices. This is evident in how its newly introduced products behave in the market. The products in the retail shops take into consideration every section of the market demand by offering a variety of products. Most of the products are made according to the international standards, giving room for the utilization of accessories from other manufacturers. I wouldn’t think twice to walk into the future shop any time I am in need of any product offered by the computer shop.

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