Custom «Ways in Which Information Technology Has Changed Working Practices in the Past 10 Years» Essay Paper

Custom «Ways in Which Information Technology Has Changed Working Practices in the Past 10 Years» Essay Paper

Over the last decade, information technology has been part and parcel of most working practices throughout the world. Quick speed and sufficient work quality are the major key issues at work places and the introduction of information technology has enabled their achievement. This paper focuses on the positive ways in which IT has changed work and working practices in the last decade;

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            The introduction of information technology has led to drastic improvement in the communication industry. The use of mobile telephones as well as other electronic gadgets has enabled people to communicate with one another at any time from any part of the world. Through modern telephones, executives, staff and customers are now able to communicate with one another more easily. In addition, IT has made it possible to store information in electronic format rather than the numerous files that were used during the last decade. For instance, doctors can now store information on health history and medication on comprehensive databases that allow easier and faster access to such information. The use of files as was done previously, have been associated with loss of vital information in cases where files cannot be found, so IT has really helped to safely store and access information in a faster way.

            The coming of the internet that is also associated with IT has enabled people to link and share information throughout the world, via social networks (twitter, facebook, MySpace etc.). The internet has enabled people to shop online and even do business online. In addition, computers and the internet has made it possible for people to work at the comfort of their homes, without the stress of time wastage associated with traffic jams, thus helping them to save money and time. In a work place, having some of the employees work from home means less space required for working, hence helping to cut down on operating costs of a company or business. To summarize, the rapid development and improvement of information technology over the last decade has impacted positively in our work and work practices by providing quality work and speed.

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