Custom «Plenum Enclosures and Site Survey Analyzers» Essay Paper

Custom «Plenum Enclosures and Site Survey Analyzers» Essay Paper

A plenum can be defined as an opening or a space left deliberately during construction for the purpose of air circulation within a building (Missouri Geneaology, 2011). Since introducing plenum enclosures for wireless LAN access points does not interfere in any way with air circulation within a building, it makes it more acceptable to install them within the plenum. This is because they are installed in a manner that presents them as new ceiling tiles of the building. Wireless local network access points are always vulnerable to interferences from various sources. Therefore, there is a need to secure them. Modern technology dictates that ceiling is one of the most reliable ways to do that. Most of modern structures have plenum enclosures that which appear as protruding features on tiles. This is the most common mode of installation where the device appear as if one ceiling tile has been replaced with another one with protruding antennas. This is commonly found in buildings with suspended ceilings.

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The main advantage of such installations is that it is easy to install plenum enclosures for wireless LAN access points within the tiles without necessarily introducing new features that could be obstructive (Missouri Geneaology, 2011). A plenum enclosure for wireless LAN access points keeps the access points away from the floor by raising them higher. This ensures that they are situated further from the ground, which is commonly known to be a common source of interferences. Fixing the system at such positions means that there will be a stronger connection thus boosting reliability on the local network connections (Thompson). These installations also eliminate other common disturbance caused on soft wares such as routers found in desktop hardware.

 Plenum enclosures for wireless LAN access points should be installed with the antenna being able to rotate upon the enclosures. This gives a stronger and a wider coverage; thus, allowing the network perform better within the intended surroundings. This implies that the antenna should be placed strategically to allow their rotation for preferential coverage, meaning that operators can tilt them in a specific manner to enhance wide coverage (Missouri Geneaology, 2011). Plenum enclosure for wireless LAN access points are very important because they reduce installations cost by huge margins. For instance, it is costly to use wired LAN because they require many wire connections. This is for obvious reasons that the wire cables need to be bought at high prices, in addition to their lengths. These installations arealso untidy because they introduce many cables on the desk and office floors.

Plenum enclosure for wireless LAN access points are very common in modern networks within many buildings because they provide better methods to IT specialists to create better connection infrastructures. This device uses small radio frequency transceivers, which are, distributed the target area thus establishing a network within the area. The device improves radio frequency, in addition to preserving surveying of a site. The cost of these installations is not discouraging if the services they offer are anything to go by. Single devices may cost up to $150, which is not very high if weighed against the services. It is also worthy noting that the device is not subject for subsequent replacements. They are durable and implying that their cost should be of less concern to potential buyers. Most companies that deal in selling the equipments offer free installation services in the form of after sale-services thus cutting further into the overall cost.

Site Survey Analyzers

Site Survey can be defined as wireless communication devices designed to provide wireless solutions. This technological application is sometimes referred to as wireless site survey; it involves visiting a site to check its RF interference and then in establishing reliable position for installing access points. This technology has a number of merits and demerits although it is obviously more beneficial. Site Survey Analyzers are very effective in verifying RF coverage. It does so by showing how an end user is using a network by use of connection speed, packet data statistics, and throughput data. This culminates into establishment of a full end-user WI-FI associated with all critical RF. Metrics obtained from the end user are also obtained easily using Site survey analyzers (Unknown Author, 2011).

In addressing the end user requirements further, the Site Survey Analyzers enables users to design pre-deployment probabilities, obtain customized survey reports, and integrate with the professional analyzers of obtained spectrums. This also aids users in verifying the requirements of end user networks and end user capacity planning. AirMagnet is such a site survey analyzer that enables user to do a WI-FI surveying of a site. It has the ability to identify a signal, noise, and even performance of the user. According to AirMagnet, Site Survey Analyzers can be installed in form of multi-floor fashion for outdoor survey, voice verification, network verification, and RF spectrum analyysis (Fluke Networks, 2011).

Site Survey Analyzers come in many languages meaning that they are flexible and thus can serve people of different ethnic backgrounds. However, this is limited to the most common languages such as German, English, and Japanese among other. Therefore, this is a disadvantage for people who would prefer using their languages because they may not be included in the Site Survey Analyzers. The synthesis of hybrid site surveys is also instrumental in improving the quality of services from the Site Survey Analyzers. This is because the hybrids allow simultaneous active and passive surveys thus boosting their efficiency. Specific survey tools such as Ekahau mobile survey offers a good WI-FI tool for tablet and smart phone users (Unknown Author, 2011). This is strengthened by the fact that the Site Survey can detect and locate any interference that could be coming from a non-WI-FI gadget.  

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Most users acknowledge that this helps in fixing the problem in time thus making a network more reliable. For instance, Ekahau’s Wi-Fi 802.11 has the ability to analyze WLAN spectrum thus allowing end users to detect and visualize mishaps, which could be fatal to a network. The decision by the Ekahau Inc. in 2009 to introduce an optimized spectrum analysis tool Wi-Fi (802.11 WLAN) to its site survey was a positive move because it can be used simultaneously with Ekahau Site Survey for spectrum analysis (Unknown Author, 2011). This has made detecting and eliminating interferences easier and timely thus sustaining services obtained from various networks. The dual –band spectrum analyzer can handle up frequency band of up to 2.4 GHz, thus ensuring that users can design and maintain performing WI-FI networks for voice data sensors, location and applications and real-time applications.

Site Survey Analyzers are very important for users because they ensure timely detection of interferences by external entities. This is crucial in fixing the problem on time thus preventing any further damage. There are different service providers such as the AirMagnet and Ekahau Inc. However, services vary according to the providers. The only disadvantage associated with the Site Survey Analyzers is that they may be complicated for anybody to use and thus requires attention from experts. Ekahau Inc. seems better placed compared to other and thus more recommendable. It comes with many features such as language variety, new improved versions like (802.11 WLAN). In addition, it is also cheap and easy to use making it a better option for many users.

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