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Types of Computer Applications

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Computer applications have transformed the world today. More than before, the internet community has access to computer applications of various types, developed to accomplish an endless list of tasks. With the increasing number of computer applications being developed, many computer users fail the distinction between the various applications published for the consumption. Nonetheless, there are many computer applications that can be classified as Open Source, Share Ware, custom, and Free Ware that have been developed today.

Open Source applications are those developed not only to meet the computing needs of users, but also allow them to access their source code of the application. Mozilla Firefox is one of the computer applications that can be found under this category. Mozilla Firefox is an application developed by the Mozilla Foundation with the aim of improving internet experience for users. This application is one of the well-known internet browsers that is used by millions of people around the world. With Mozilla Firefox, users can browse through the internet and access the program robust features such as plugin integrations.

Shareware applications are owned by its developers, but provided for users for a given trial period. During the trial period, this software is not paid for, but its functions are limited. Doom is an example of an award-winning computer game developed by idSoftware. This game involves players engaging in tactical shooting levels while playing alone or as multilayer. This game was developed to meet the needs of gaming fans.

Freeware is another category of application that users can have at a little cost or none at all. Text Wrangler is an excellent example of freeware that Mac users can use for text processing. The Text Wrangler is developed by Bare Bone Software for allowing computer users to manipulate text in an easy, but interactive way. Whereas the program lacks the basic formatting tools, many users love it because of it is easy to use.

Custom software is applications that have been developed and owned by the developers who sell them for a fee. In the computer industry, custom software such as Oracle Reports fills a need that most of the application types do not. Oracle Report is a product of Oracle Corporation used by business firms for reporting. This software provides users with novels ways of producing reports and evaluating business trends.

Certainly, the computer industry has various categories of software applications. Open software applications such as Firefox allow users to browse the internet. Share applications like Doom also enable users to use the application for some time before paying for it. Other applications such as Text Wrangler are provide for a little cost or none, and allow users to manipulate text. Custom applications also form part of software classification and allow enterprise users to generate reports in the business processes.

Buy custom Types of Computer Applications essay

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