Custom «Voice and Data Network» Essay Paper

Custom «Voice and Data Network» Essay Paper

Voice and data network is a relatively new technology that makes it possible for telephone calls to be made via computer networks especially the internet. The technology allows the conversion of analogue voice signals into packets of digital data and also the technology supports real-time two way communication by use of Internet Protocol (IP). This paper looks at the advantages and disadvantages of a combined voice and data network with a case scenario of voice-data installation.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Combined Voice and Data Network

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            With the ability of the technology to transmit data, video and voice over a wide geographical area, it has become both possible and cheaper to set up teleconferences with clients and offices in any part of the world within the shortest time possible. Business organization can therefore significantly save the costs previously incurred on long distance telecommunication and also travelling costs (Bates & Gregory, 2007). With the refinement of the technology, the service providing firms have been able to offer varying packages suitable for each size of business organizations and other entities.

            Voce clarity as a result of the combined voice and data network has been identified as a major advantage as a result of advancement of this technology. Voice clarity and sharpness is much more advanced than any other technology in the market. The technology has been attributed to the ability to deliver voice clarity and sharpness at 8000 HZ a second which is far much higher than the average 4000 HZ per second (Ellis, 2003).

            With the internationalization of businesses, company employees can access the company’s data from anywhere in the world aiding in business operations. Also internationalized businesses have been able to support customers faster and effectively support globalization efforts of the business

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            The technology currently being used for the combined voice and data network is still new in its application and any complications and accidents may not adequately be tackled effectively and efficiently. That has had the potential of crippling or at least grounding the operations of a whole business entity. Therefore, the security and reliability of data is prone to risks that also affects computers and telephone services including virusess, hackers and worms. The installation costs for the combined voice and data network in a business is very high, often not even recoupable in the short run (Ellis, 2003). Therefore, business organizations have to invest huge sums of money in the technology in their offices.

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            Yes, I did take part in an installation of a voice and data network in a business premises. We as a team had to replace a patchwork of a couple of phone systems at a business headquarters to facilitate the coordination of the agency’s projects. In the installation, the company deployed 200 Cisco IP telephones coupled with additional hardware, software and services ultimately costing US$ 430,000. About four days down the line, the company had cut down the monthly phone expenses by half. But even with the increased savings, the company is still a long way in fetching the full returns on that technological voice and data network investment.

            In conclusion, the above realized advantages and disadvantages of the network will in future define the way business organizations in the private and public sectors work in the future and especially the way they will communicate. 

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