Custom «Technological Innovation in the World History Before 1500» Essay Paper

Custom «Technological Innovation in the World History Before 1500» Essay Paper


Technological innovation refers to the vital advancements that take place in various sectors leading to an improvement in performance. The world history has experienced tremendous technological innovations from time immemorial. For instance, the world experienced considerable technological advancements in the agricultural sector with the innovations leading to heavy ploughs. This innovation had considerable cultural implications such as increased consumption due to better ways of production.

This paper explicates the heavy plough innovation.

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My innovation is the heavy plough. This plough promoted efficiency in farming because it had a wheel making it easier for farmers to use (Gies and Gies, 100). It was advanced as the wood parts were replaced with metallic parts, to ensure durability. The innovation of the heavy plough was timely as it addressed the rising food demand among the fast growing populations.

The heavy plough is believed to have developed in the Slavic lands. This is because the earlier words describing the plough were in Slavic hence making the region the potential innovation area. The early settlers in the Slavic land were the first to use the plough (Tannenbaum and Dudley, 120). Slavic innovators thought it better advancing the plough and making the workload simpler for the farmers.  This innovation happened in the 5th century as there was the urgency to feed the increasing population. The 5th century was a vital period as it leads to increased use of metals in the development of this plough. This meant it could be used to plough heavier soils.

This innovation underwent gradual developments. Firstly, simple ploughs with a runner were used. These were mainly made of wood making them lighter and effortless to use. Farmers could adjust them by lifting the runner (Barbier, 110). This made it simpler for them to prepare their farms although only in softer soils. The need for a better and improved plough led to this innovation. The innovators wanted to address the need for efficiency and wider farming in all soils and seasons without strain. Thus, they thought of how to come up with a more improved form of plough (Tannenbaum and Dudley, 122). They developed a plough by replacing the wood made ploughs with iron made ploughs. In addition, they introduced a wheel to replace the runner. This made the plough heavier compared t the initial one hence the name heavy plough. This improved the working of farmers as it could easily plough most soils.

The heavy plough innovation is significant for world history. The innovation led to increased food productions. This meant that people all over the world at that time adopted this method of preparing their farms hence making their work simpler. In addition, this innovation is significant to the world history because it led to increase in the population all over the world. The increase in population arising from the innovation is vital to the world history because it helps tell the population compositions in the past and major growth, in the world populations (Smith and Marx, 114). The innovation is significant in the sense that it helps form part of considerable historical stories relating to transformation and development all over the world. The world history can inform people of the major developments in the entire world through this innovation.

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The innovation is further significant to the world history because it helps trace the adoption of various agricultural methods and tools all over the world. For instance, the innovation helps one to tell how the plough moved from one point of the world to another leading to transformations in the agricultural sector. This is vital to the world history because interrelationships and transfer of technology with various areas is told. In addition, it is significant because it contributes to the contents relating to development of a new world (Smith and Marx, 130). The world history can write various issues arising from the innovation and link them to the modern world where technology is of more advanced nature. The world history is able to tell of the innovators and the regions they came from due to the research and analysis of various matters thus expanding worldwide understanding of the heavy plough and others related to it.

The innovation forms a basis for the writing of world history. The early writers were able to develop ideas and cardinal points relating to past agriculture from the innovation. The theories relating to agricultural innovations are based on the innovation making it a landmark topic in the world history.

To the current world, this innovation is still significant. It has helped individuals learn from the past innovations hence making them able to develop better and diversified means of innovation. Individuals have been able to learn the art of coming up with new implements for agricultural purposes hence ensuring the menace of hunger is tackled from all sides (Tannenbaum and Dudley, 133). The innovation has enabled the current world to trace the origin of the current farming techniques and technologies hence readily identify with them. For instance, people know how the plough came into place, and the utmost advancements adopted to make it more relevant in agriculture. 

The current world benefits from the innovation in the sense that there is increased food production. Most people are still using the wheel plough in the preparation of their farms. This ensures that the modern world is getting adequate food just like the past world. The innovation is also contributing to leading research in many parts of the world (Barbier, 123). People still have the urge to come up with ploughs that have wheels just like the heavy plough. This has seen most researchers and innovators coming up with newer means of advancing this heavy plough.

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The world today can know and explain the past farming habits. This is learnt from the innovation and its impact on past agriculture. Individuals are able to tell how the past world used to practice agriculture and how this was significant. It is able to know how the past world used to gain from the innovation. Smith and Marx (140) assert that this is vital because it helps establish and inform the current world of past events leading to better ideas and adoption of better means. History enables the current world learn on how to better the agricultural practices compared to the past world hence better food security.

In conclusion, an innovation refers to the advancement of the existing technology. The innovation relating to the heavy plough was vital. The innovation came up in the 5th century. It came up and adequately addressed the problem of feeding the massively growing population. It was innovated in Slavic lands and further spread to other areas of Europe like Italy. This is so because most of the words describing the plough came from the place. The innovation is vital to the world history. It forms a basis of writing the world history. In addition, it enables the world history tell of the gradual emergence of this vital plough. World history can establish the emergence of agricultural implements and the persona behind them. To the world, the innovation has increased the urge for more detailed innovations and research. The need to get a better form of the heavy plough is the motivation for the research. 

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