Custom «Surveillance Technology» Essay Paper

Custom «Surveillance Technology» Essay Paper

Surveillance technology is a form of technology that institutions and residential buildings use to monitor the movements and activities that people perform. This technology constitutes digital recording CCTV systems, Remote Surveillance Systems, Covert Cameras, Digital Video Recorders, and Multiplexers that help people monitor their properties from any point on the world. Therefore, the common purpose of surveillance technology is to provide security at homes and organizations. Surveillance technology can help individuals identify those people who do unlawful activities such as shoplifting, terrorist activities, and other types of crimes. Sometime, surveillance technology can enable parents to keep track of what their children visit over the Internet. This discussion will consider the benefits of surveillance technology to homes and institutions.    

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Benefits of surveillance technology

The primary purpose of using surveillance cameras is to prevent criminals, especially the unprincipled criminals from indulging in criminal activities such as petty thefts and robberies. People install surveillance cameras in townhouses, bungalows, apartment buildings, schools, condominiums, university campuses, stores, offices, malls, and various public places. The surveillance technology helps individuals to monitor suspicious activities; and vandalism, shoplifting, ad petty thefts, and alert the concerned security officers regarding the real-time criminal activities. Centrally manned systems, and staff monitoring cameras in large businesses and organizations can also inform state law enforcement and county officials about evolving dangerous situations. Therefore, surveillance technology assists people in exerting law and order in their societies.

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Surveillance technology can also enable people to conserve valuable resources on the surface of the Earth for the future generations to benefit. Sometimes, many companies would aim at making profits at the expense of environmental destruction. This happens when factories dump their effluents into water bodies without considering the long-term consequences. With the use of surveillance technology, government officials can be able to determine the amount of waste each factory produces, and how much of the waste factories throw away or process. This encourages better accountability, and the concerned officials are able to locate exactly which factories exceed the allowed amount of waste that they should emit.

In the contemporary society, surveillance technology enables people to mould the future generation in a positive way. With surveillance technology, individuals are able to keep track of the interests of the younger generation, thus allowing them to filter the content that the younger generation can download from the Internet. Thiss ensures that the younger generation acquires the right information, which does not deviate from the acceptable societal standards. For instance, software engineers have designed computer software that can record down every website that individuals have visited on a computer system. This will enable parents and guardians to be aware of what their children download from the Internet. Therefore, with surveillance technology, parents can be able to save their children from sexual predators and other individuals with malicious intentions.


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Therefore, surveillance technology is extremely useful in human society because it can ensure the maintenance of law and order. When people maintain law and order, a country will experience less or no crimes. Surveillance cameras prevent criminal activities such as robberies, petty thefts, shoplifting, and vandalism. With surveillance technology, factories will emit little or no waste to the environment. Parents will be able to monitor what their children visit over the Internet, thus ensure that they do not visit harmful sites. However, every technology has its own merits and demerits. For instance, there have been some misuses of surveillance technology because of the distrust among spouses. Some people use the cell phone spyware to track the calls and phone messages of their spouses. It is necessary to use surveillance technology effectively. 

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