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Violence at School

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Violence at school has become the daily happening in the 21st century. It has become very easy for students to assess weapons like knives and guns which are being used to harm their fellow students and the people around them. This thesis seeks to find the effects of the environment on school violence. When we talk about school violence what we simply mean is the act of violence amongst the student as well as attack of staff by the students. Many states agree that school violence are illegal though they have done very little to end this ill. There is no single country that has been left out when it comes to student violence. For example Australia has reported about one hundred and seventy five violent attacks in 2008. The research paper will basically rely on literature review as the main source of data collection (Burstyn 2001).

The school has the capacity to influence its surroundings and on the other hand the surroundings can also impart its influence on the school. This influence can either be positive or negative though this thesis is out to seek the negative effects of the environment on school. In the olden days there were very few cases of violence at school because there was so much discipline in the students of the time. Teachers were allowed to punish their students accordingly depending on the offense that one had done. Things are not the same today because corporal punishment is no longer allowed at school therefore the fear that students had of being punished in case there broke the school laws is no longer there. That is the reason there is so much unsettlement among students (Burstyn, 2001).

On the other hand the violence which is being experienced in our societies has extended to our schools. For these reason we need to improve discipline in schools in order for this uncouth character to be eliminated because we might end up producing criminals from school instead of upright men and women who will help in the building of the nation. Since teachers are the close associates of students they need to employ favorable systems which will yield the required fruits as opposed to what is being currently witnessed. There are different forms of school violence therefore there is need for employing different productive measures.

Buy custom Violence at School essay

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