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Cornell University Engineering

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Cornell University as an institution offers quality education and exposure that in turn makes the graduates successful in the careers they pursue. In the college of Engineering, great science and outstanding academic programs over the years have helped students to go an extra mile and innovatively make inventions that change the world for the better as a place to live. With eleven departments, the colleges of engineering provide distinct undergraduate programs for the intense study and inter department collaboration. Some of the courses include Civil and Environmental Engineering that involves providing sustainable infrastructure, computer science, electrical and computer engineering, mechanical and aerospace Engineering among others. As a student, I have developed interest in computer and Electrical Engineering, a course that is certain upon completion will help my career be a success. The college of Engineering administration will see me through from the efforts they have made over time, if I put effort in my studies.

The extensive coverage of the syllabus will help me have an in-depth understanding of the course am pursuing. The college has directed its attention to special programs that provide an opportunity for students to enhance their education experience. The special programs have aided putting the knowledge acquired to practice, expanding the view of the world and leadership skills that put the students on a competitive edge. The special programs will help me a great deal. The quality of lectures makes me view Engineering as an interesting course to undertake despite the rigorous training involved. The university lecturers have played an important role to create an enabling environment that makes all the students fill accommodated despite their different levels of intelligence. The lecturers provide consultation and clarification lessons that help sharpen the students’ skills. Moreover, the lecturers have guided the students through the innovative research work that has placed the university, as a whole, among the leading Engineering institutions in the world.

Over the years, the school of Engineering has reviewed the syllabus to improve the course that I am undertaking. This is encouraging, since I will now be able to study materials relevant with the dynamic world.  Additionally, the college administration has introduced new courses that are intended to equip students with the relevant knowledge. The university has the recognition for providing  conducive environment for the students to pursue their course works and gain the relevant experience that will enable me succeed in their careers after school.

The knowledge that I have acquired and yet to acquire will help me succeed in my career as an engineer. This is due to the high quality education that I will have got from Cornell Engineering College. I am optimistic about the experience, which I will be gaining as a student, will help me carry out cutting edge research and excellent leadership skills as an engineer. 

Buy custom Cornell University Engineering essay

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