Custom «Nutrition» Essay Paper

Custom «Nutrition» Essay Paper

The film, article and chart are used to reveal just how unfairly the end users are being treated by those in the food producing industry with the government knowing and not doing much to protect the customers from being exploited by the food producers. The results have shown that the food industry in our country is the hands of very few firms whose aim is to make profit without really minding the impact on important factors like: the health of the end users, their impact on the surrounding environment, the employee’s security and so on (Senker 54). According to the chart, the prices of the products which threats to the health of the consumer are declining everyday compared to the products which are helpful to their health.

This is likely to affect the elderly people those who in their 50s because they are really careful on the kind of food they take as they are wise and cannot just be careless about the welfare of their health (Anne and Jill 20). Another reason why they are really affected by the price pattern of the food stuff is because most of them are already suffering from sicknesses like diabetes, stomach ulcers, high blood pressure which cannot allow them to eat, to say, what they can afford, but what their ‘sick’ bodies can take and more so they have to eat as prescribed by the doctor.

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On the other hand, the group that is less affected is the youth i.e. those who are their 18s to around 40s .This is because most youths while choosing what to eat, do not lay much weight on its effect to their health rather some will take anything to get satisfied, others will take anything so long it is sweet, others will go for the cheap foodstuff so long as it keeps them alive and so on but they do not worry so much about the effect of whatever they take on their health.

Unhealthy eating can be as a result of a number of factors depending on who we are looking at; to start with young children may unhealthy if the people who are responsible of taking care of them have not set a good example on what is healthy to eat or if such persons e.g. parents or guardians are poor and can only afford some cheap unhealthy food. On te other hand adults’ unhealthy eating could also be as a result of a number of factors such as, lack of finances to purchase what is healthy to eat, some of them may be operating under a very tight schedule which may not allow them enough time to prepare and eat some healthy meals and others may do it as a result of ignorance of what and what is not healthy, among many others.

There are so many bad effects of unhealthy eating most of them being dangerous diseases like diabetes, cancer, stomach ulcers, obesity, kwashiorkor, marasmus, anemia, beriberi, short sight, high blood pressure, etc. Unhealthy eating may also lead to premature death because the body is not strong enough to fight bacteria and other disease causing organisms. Unhealthy eating could also result in loss of weight because of lack of nutrients to strengthen the bones.

However the government has mitigated the loss caused by unhealthy eating by introducing policies and methods which ensures that every one can access healthy food. By:

1. Ensuring that there is enough and quality food within the country

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2. Ensure that the food produced in the industries is safe for human consupmtions.For example through a body like the bureau of standards which certifies that everything that is manufactured in our industries is up to standard.

3Educating the citizens on the importance of healthy eating, through televisions, radios, magazines, billboards etc

4The government should also provide special food to those with special health cases especially the poor. Etc

The government has not been able to implement these policies fully and effectively mainly as a result of poor governance and poor planning which has really denied some citizens access to healthy food.

Government subsidies are the money that the government gives to the industries or firms to assist them to produce and sell the basically needed products cheaply. This way the industries are able to sell their products to the society making food a bit more affordable without incurring losses. Government subsidies will make the locally produced goods more attractive compared to imported goodss making even the farmers to cultivate more of those products which used locally for production due the increased market for them.

Different people will eat different food for the main meal and of course there that which they take after the meal depending on their financial status. We see most rich people suffering from sicknesses like obesity. This is because they take food with a very high fat content and do not involve themselves in a lot of physical exercises neither will u find a lot of such people being fond of some very nutritious fruits like water melons, ribena and so on ( Walter, et al 25). The other major problem with this class of people is that they neglect taking a lot of water and they instead take juice which contain a lot of chemicals inform of preservatives which can be of great harm to ones health if it becomes too much whereas the poor will contact sicknesses like kwashiorkor because most will not afford a balanced diet.

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From the above discussion, I tend to think that the reason why most people are suffering from so many sicknesses is unhealthy eating whose chief cause is ignorance and poverty and am so surprised to realize despite the high price of the healthy food there people who are less concerned about the effect of what they eat on their health (Benedict, et al 95). By this I mean that though some people are can afford any kind of food, they are less concerned about their health and instead of taking a balanced diet, they end up taking too much of some foods  and neglecting the others which is also needed by the body.

About the effect of the price and the availability on my choice of food, I would say that the price of food does not really matter here because to the best of  my knowledge, the food’s quality has got nothing to do with price; For example most very nutritious fruits and foods like beans, sweet potatoes, arrow roots among others are quite affordable I only need to to the nutritional value of various foodstuff observing cleanliness(very important) to keep eating healthy because now I know the importance of healthy eating and my goal is to avoid the risks of unhealthy eating.

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