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Bio 5th News Article

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HIV and AIDS is global pandemic. Many lives have been lost and approximately 40million people living with the HIV virus globally. The newsletter gives the meaning of HIV as human immunodeficiency virus and AIDS as acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.HIV virus is transmitted through different ways which include having unprotected sexual intercourse with an infected partner, from pregnant mother to the unborn child during pregnancy, during birth or when breastfeeding an infant, using unsterilized needles and contaminated blood transfusion. Sexual intercourse is the leading mode of HIV virus transmission .Once the HIV virus gets in to the blood stream it infects the CD4+T cells which are important in fighting infections. The virus attacks the CD4+T and reduces them from their normal count which normally ranges between 500-1800 cells per cubic millimeter (mm3), to a count below 200 cells per cubic millimeter. The viruses replicate themselves before the body reacts to them. The virus develops in different stages before it becomes full blown AIDS which is also the last stage.  The first stage is the primary stage or window stage,  the symptoms are mild fevers, headaches, muscle pains and sores. These symptoms disappear after a few weeks. The second stage is the seroconversion stage, at this stage there are no symptoms and one is physically healthy and can spread the HIV virus. The third stage is the asymptomatic stage; the person still looks healthy but can infect other people if they have unprotected sexual intercourse. If a person takes an HIV test he/she might get false results.

The next stage is the symptomatic stage. At this stage of  infection, a person develops, sores on the throat, mouth, anus and genitals, reddish, purplish brownish and pinkish batches on the skin, memory loss, depression, slight weight loss in women,  tiredness, hair loss , recurring fever , extreme tiredness and profuse night sweats, diarrhea . This does not mean that each person infected develops the symptoms immediately; some may take up to twelve years to show these signs.

The HIV virus multiplies and continues weakening the body immune system of a person giving way to opportunistic diseases. The person becomes immune deficient or has now developed AIDS, which is a short form of Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. The body can no longer fight opportunistic diseases such as; bacterial diseases like tuberculosis, pneumonia and blood poisoning, the body cannot also fight diseases caused by protozoan’s like toxoplasmosis, fungal diseases like candidiasis, and penicilliosis and viral diseases like herpes simplex and herpes  zoster which are more common in women than in men. These diseases develop at different times e, g malaria and pneumonia tuberculosis and herpes zoster occur in the early stages of the infection where else toxoplasmosis and PCP occur affecting major body organs. People with HIV/AIDS are more likely to get cancers like cervical cancer and Kaposi’s sarcoma and treatment using.

The website gives different ways on how one can stay healthy even after testing positive. Once tested positive you should follow the prescription given by a medical provider which include antiretroviral therapy and treatment. The antiretroviral treatment prolongs the time between infection and onset of AIDS. Family and friends should provide emotional support and care for the infected person.

HIV/AIDS epidemic has caused a great impact around the world .It has affected the economic growth in developing countries; many people can no longer go to work and a lot of funds have been diverted to fighting it.

HIV /AIDS is a reality that all the people must accept so as to lead happy lives. This is because even if you are not infected you are affected and we should come to fight this epidemic. This can be done by protecting yourself when having sex and visiting health centers for testing and treatment.

Buy custom Bio 5th News Article essay

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