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Conceptualization of Health

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Categories and their and their definitions is one factor that in a great deal matter a lot. Gathering of all the social data is normally based on some particular framing questions. All this questions reflects a special way of viewing and considering social factors, relationships, the process and   services. Answers to these questions are categorized into groups that are based on   what is important   and also how aspects interrelate to one another. The most famous American feminist, Deborah Stone   said that no number is innocent.

The concepts that matters are based on the production and configuration of the data, exploration of this paper is about the concepts that bases work at Canada in statistic data on the industry of health care. This begins by defining health care .This is because, if there is better understanding of what care is, this help to shape data in care of   the person to be included and also excluded in the work. In the argument  of the concepts   of  the data  this indicates  the ways  of viewing  health care  work  of which has an  integral relationship  to the  undervaluing  of the work  done by women   and also ignores  critically the perspectives on health.

The concepts are linked to those which define public and private care due to the formal economy, community and also the household. Just like other categories, those based on the way work and workplaces are structured   reflects   simultaneously on the actual    changes   on the organization’s work and conceptualizations of the changes. Likewise, categories that are used   for the organizations   of care providers to unions and   professions   indicate the way   people   resist ideas   about the different   forms   of   resistance.  At long last the paper  turns  on the data of health to the data of health care workers , the argument  that when the data is recording  the alarm rates of illness and also injuring ,the nature of work and also  defining  of workplace  hazards which are  largely ignored. So the purpose of the paper  helps to suggest the questions that  are necessary to be asked when the data’s  in the module   are not used to provide  some of the analysis in the data available which develops  a picture relation to work in health care  industry.

Determinants of health

These factors are important as they are on their own and also they are interrelated. The following is an overview of the determinants of health.

Income and Social Status

The health status happens to improve with prosperity and also social standings .High income tends to determine the living conditions for example housing and also the ability to buy enough food. A bit of research shows limited options and also inability to cope with the skills of dealing with   stress happens to increase at a higher rate and this Increases chances of getting diseases through pathways which involves immune and also hormonal systems.

Social Support Networks

Support related to families, friends and also communities happens to be associated with the terms of better health. Caring and also respect that happens to occur in social relations and the resulting sense of belonging and well-being tends to act like a buffer of health problems.

Education and Literacy

Education happens to  contribute to the health and  prosperity   only by enabling  people to acquire  knowledge  and also skills of problem solving , and also  helps to provide  since  of control and also  mastery  of live circumstances. It also helps to get more opportunities of jobs and income   security and satisfaction. So it improves ability that people have to access and also understand information that helps to remain healthy (Starfield B, 2002).

Employment/Working Conditions

Poor health is also associated with Unemployment, underemployment and also stressful which is also likewise to an unsafe work. Those who have control of their work have fewer chances   of getting stressed thus they are healthier and thus live longer than those who have stress. Also it is apparent that those in the society who are stable, in regard to the salary earned, they tend to seek the best medication as compared to the poor. This may well be comprehended when one considers those countries ranked as the poorest; most of the deaths registered are normally health oriented (Raphael, 2004).

Social Environments

The values and norms of the society happen to influence    the way health of an individual and also the well being of populations.  The risks of bad health can be avoided by having social stability, good working relationships, cohesive communities and acknowledgment of diversity.


Normally, the concept as pertains to gender is usually linked to, though not the same as, the existing biological concept with regard to sex. Gender is normally physiological and also sociological concept, which aids in the description and explanation about the different roles, the personality traits, relative power, values, behavior, attitudes and the ensuing influence that the particular society tends to ascribe to the sexes. The gender roles cum norms are normally part and parcel of the entire social systems, the health system inclusive. The gender-based analysis happens to be one channel of how practices and policies get affected by the gender, and also the different ways they influence women and men. Gender based analysis   happens to be  a way of understanding  the way practices and policies get  influenced   by gender   also  the different   forms  they happen to affect men and women. Gender-based analysis explains the difference between   the concepts of gender equality and equity. Feminist analysis pays attention specifically to the cause of women’s inequality (Galea, 2007).

Healthy Child Development

If children have proper prenatal and   the early childhood experiences tend to positive impact on the brain development, also school readiness and the health in life afterwards. Other determinants   affect children and youth, physically, socially, mentally, emotionally and also spiritually.

Personal Health Practices and Coping Skills

This refers to  the actions where by individuals  are able to  prevent diseases and also promote  self-care, developing self reliance, and coping with challenges  and also make choices which enhances health . The definition  of lifestyle  not only individual include an individual choice but also how  economic, social, and  environmental factors influences the decision people make concerning their health. There happens to be a growing recognition which says that, a personal life “choices” tends to be influenced by socioeconomic environments that surrounds’ people where people work, learn and also play.

Connection between Definition of Health and how Society Pursues Health

It is quite unfortunate of how many people in today’s tend to be misled by their perception when it comes to definition of health. Apparently many think that the entire issue about health is the status of not being ill, hence not caring much about their health and this may even poses a threat to their lives. In connection to this, in order for one to be termed as being prudent with their health in most of the today’s people, they just ensure that they do not fall sick and they tend to be much conscious when it comes to times of sicknesses. Experts claim that this is total misconception as one may not feel ill but their health is endangered. In this case this is not the best way to ensure continued thriving of health. Other makes an attempt to check their health through overcoming stress.  Many people are in actual fact aware of the menace behind stress, like the breathing problems, depression besides some other health complications. Having the knowledge of this, many will tend to ensure that at all never engage themselves in activities that are going to impose stress to their lives and they now certain of good health maintenance, this being the society’s perception about good health.

Effects of Changed Technology on Health Perception

Considering the improved technology, there has been creation of awareness to the people on how to maintain good health. Experts reach the population through the media and there have been debates in a great deal, and by experts, all trying to give the best information pertaining to the definition of good health. Also many people have access to the internet. Everything is contained in the internet and it provides easy and cheap access to tips about maintenance of good health. Also many people who would perceive health wrongly have volunteered themselves to offer advice to the other people worldwide, about how they noticed that they had been misled but later they came to realize it. These people normally use media sources to disseminate the information, all thanks to the technology.

Connection between Health, Health Policies and Health Determinants

The international comparisons ensure provision of some clues pertaining to the better understanding of some of the most important policy-related determinants of health. And this includes those even those that have a relation with the provision of services with regard to health. A former study showed that the overall strength belonging to the primary care of the infrastructure of a healthy service may be in some way related to the entire costs of the health services. The primary care is normally inversely proportional to the costs in that when the primary care goes stronger, the costs go low. Some countries whose primary care infrastructure is very weak tend to have relatively poorer performance on the major aspects related to health. Even though those of the countries that happen to be intermediate when considering their primary care strength normally have their particular levels of health at least being as good as those having much higher levels of primary care (Heggenhougen, 2009).

Buy custom Conceptualization of Health essay

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