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Attitude towards Exercise

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Attitude can influence someone positively or negatively towards something. If you have a positive attitude towards something, you will always support it and you will be ready to perform anything associated with it because it lies under your area of interest. Negative attitude on the other hand, will make you ignore anything that you have a negative altitude towards despite the benefits you might gain from it. From the above explanation, we can see that there are two types of altitudes towards something. These two attitudes can be simply classified as positive and negative attitudes. The attitude you have towards exercise can be beneficial to you or ruin your life. Having a positive attitude towards exercising is very important because the benefits of exercising outdo the shortcoming of it. People who have a negative attitude towards exercises usually have health problems such as obesity, they are prone to heart attacks and have difficulties in their diet taking.

There are numerous benefits associated with having a positive attitude towards exercising. Physical exercises are very important for maintaining physical fitness and overall health and wellness. Exercises are very crucial since they help to improve your body energy. Combination of exercise and nutrition develop a hormonal environment fit to fat loss thus, increased energy. Physical exercises also increase self-esteem because they help someone to gain control of their body size and weight and this will automatically increase their self-esteem. Physical exercises are also attributed to increased mental focus as they help to keep the brain sharp into old age. Another key benefit of exercising is that it helps to reduce the risk of heart attack.

Physical exercises lower cholesterol and blood pressure and this diminishes the chances of having a heart attack. Production of endorphin increases through exercise and this improves mood and suppresses depression. Physical exercises are also known to reduce stress level. Taking and exercise right after work is a perfect natural therapy that help you to change your mood, it will also help you to sleep better. These are just a few examples of the benefits of taking physical exercises. Those with positive attitude towards exercises take physical exercises regularly and thus keep their body fit and free from unnecessary health problems such as obesity.

Some people have a negative attitude towards exercise though this cannot be considered as their preference to do so. Some of them have physical disabilities thus they hate physical exercises with all might. There are others with physical disability if encouraged to have a positive attitude towards exercises can concur their disabilities and be able to life a normal life. This can be portrayed by people with weak limps, if encouraged to take physical exercises regularly their limps can gain strength and they will be able to live a normal life. Obese people should also be encouraged to take exercises so that they can reduce the chances of developing other health problems. Negative attitude towards exercises should be discouraged because it is clear that physical exercises are beneficial to our health.

In conclusion, attitude can be said as socially created and modified using direct contact with the variable you are interested in. this suggests that those people with a negative attitude towards physical exercises, their notions and feelings towards exercises can be easily be altered. People should be encouraged take physical exercises regularly so that they can make their bodies physically fit and escape some diseases. To build a positive attitude towards exercises we should start encouraging people take physical exercises when they are young so that they can develop this culture and erode the negative attitude at an early stage.

Buy custom Attitude towards Exercise essay

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