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       We all write daily diary. This is a literary attempt. Essay is defined as literary attempt. Daily diary is a sort of essay about life narrated on routine basis. Everybody loves to write about himself. Everybody is one’s own favorite. Student’s life is zenith of activities. Everyday something is happening. Most students write diaries. These diaries constitute to become biography one day. In this stride, students love to write essay about their life. Teachers are well aware of it. But, when the same is given as life essay as a part of assignment, things become less too rosy.

       Life essay gives a student opportunity to describe various exciting moments, their periodic problems, priorities that he has set for his future and his view on various happenings around him. Life essay gives an opportunity to vent feelings. The implicit idea of a good teacher is to educate students in writing essays as per set rules and regulations by assigning one of the most attractive type of essays. A professional writer may begin his life essayin the following way:

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       “Life may be beautiful but it is not all the way a bed of flowers. There are ups and downs. It has many splashes of successes and blessings.”


      There are two types of people in the world. The first type is known as pessimistic. The second type is known as optimistic.

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       Some people visualize life as cruel, hard and merciless. Life is a punishment for these people. Most of such people resign to their fate. They believe that everything is finished. They feel that they cannot do things which would give them a good result. These people turn pessimistic. They resort to crime. They try to inflict pain and misery upon others. They become direction-less. Ultimately they end up in an asylum or commit suicide.

       Majority of people are happy and contented with their life. These people have vision. They have aim and objective. They carve out a good carrier from hard labor and diligence. They take life as a challenge. You shall find such people involved in research, inventions and innovations. Life is beautiful for them. The past leaves a sweet memory, the present sets out new goals for them and the future shows the gateway to prosperity. Difficult situations do not deter them. They firmly feel that when the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

       The basic education given in schools is enriched with essays and stories that makes student hopeful, optimistic and cheerful. The stories in the book of moral science are an example. Teachers give life essay as an assignment to students to gauge their mindset. They give the grading as per the quality of the essay but they also keep an invisible eye on students to course correct their thinking about life. Is it not a sign of greatness in teachers?

       We are also your surrogate teachers. Where every honest effort made by you fails to deliver then we come by your side to help you out. In writing life essay if you find any problem then you may forthwith visit our online custom essay writing service at  Please do not worry about the price. You may buy our package (visit for details) at a very cheap price.

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