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       Science of matter and related transformation that it undergoes is Chemistry. While Physics, which is also a science of matter, has a fundamental and general approach, Chemistry discusses properties and structure of matter, their composition and their behavior or reaction. Chemical reaction is concerned with changes that matter undergoes. Chemistry studies atom, molecules, compounds, crystals and their aggregates either in combination or in isolation. It incorporates entropy and energy related to a chemical process. There are several branches of chemistry such as inorganic, organic, biochemistry etc. There are certain studies where Physics and Chemistry come together to describe and discuss such as thermodynamics, quantum mechanics covered under Physical Chemistry. Recently an entirely new discipline called Neurochemistry is coming up.

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       Students consider Chemistry to be a deceptive subject, particularly Organic Chemistry with long chain of reactions. For such students writing a Chemistry essay is very difficult. The fact is Chemistry is one of the most interesting subjects of study. This subject is technical but it enables you to know various transformation and changes occurring all around you. Global warming and Carbon economy are considered to be the topic of the 21st.century which shall dictate and command the future of the universe.


       No doubt, Chemistry is a vast subject. It is difficult to decide upon a single topic which could be taken up for writing a Chemistry essay. But if you know your expanse and limitation with regard to knowledge put forward for you to study at your level of education, then selection of topic shall be quite easy. There are generally 6 to 8 chapters in the three basic branch of Chemistry namely, inorganic, organic and physical. A student is supposed to having adequate knowledge and control over 2 to 3 chapters from 18 to 24 chapters. You can easily select one topic from any one of your known field.

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       Let us make your selection of the topic easier. Consider Chemistry to be science of everyday life. You are coming across the vibes of Chemistry in environment, agriculture, medicine, nutrition, health care, transport, kitchen food, toiletries, to name a few. You are supposed to carry out experiments and writing up your inferences and conclusions that cements your knowledge of theoretical study. It is chemistry that converts your food intake into energy and blood that runs your life. You must not be afraid of this subject and run away from writing a Chemistry essay.

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