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       Since the beginning of time, humans have been making art, using all mediums to design and create. What comes with creating art is critisizing art, and appreciation of those around it. The  age old question that has been argued for thousands of years is what art actually is and what its purpose is in the world. Is a creative poster art? How about interestingly designed packaging? In this art essay, I will discuss what makes art. One popular perception of what art is is whether the artist conveys what he wanted to through his medium. If even one person understands what the artist's message was then this can be called art. If most people that see a piece of art understand the artists message then this can be considered a masterpiece.

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       For the purpose of this art essay, I have chosen a technique that has helped to shape art.The linear perspective technique is one finding in art that has influenced many artists and has enabled many art critics to compare and contrast earlier and later works. Jan van Eyck for example used linear perspective in his painting 'Man in a Red Turban'. This famous painting has had critical acclaim due to it's realism and three dimensional perspectives due to the linear perspective technique. The surface however is two dimensional, giving a dynamic, contrasting and varied overall image. Jan van Eyck also used overlapping techniques when painting the nose of the man, and showed him in a three quarter view, all adding to the successful use of perspective. His earlier works however are much more simple and juvenile due to their lack of knowledge about the linear perspective technique. 'The Arnolfini Wedding' which was painted in 1434 is a good example of one of Jan van Eyck's first paintings. This tradtional piece has no perspective whatsoever in the faces, furniture or room. The ceiling and the wall for example are not in line with each other. There is also no vanishing point which makes the piece highly unconvincing as the floor window and bed are not in line.

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       'The Last Supper' by Leonardo da Vinci is considered to be a prime example of excellent linear perspective. Every single detail within the painting has been considered in terms of perspective, light, color and shape making the final piece incredibly realistic and striking.

       In conclusion of this art essay, I can state that the finding of the linear pespective was a substancial contributor in the progression of art. It was one of the greatest accomplishments of the artists in the Renaissance period, and  linear perspective has been used in all genres of art ever since.

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