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The Company Database

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The company database should include the below information and tables that have to be included.  The specific information should seek to indentify a specific aspect in the company. Tables are listed for clarity before designing a database so that the designer may have a clear view of the information required to be included in the data base (Davis, 2010). Below is a set of tables with the relevant information for each table

Company table

Information to be included in the data base tables

- The company’s name

- The city that the company is situated in

Suppliers table

-  The names of each supplier

- The city of each supplier

Purchases table

- The name of the company doing the purchases

- the purchase date of the transaction

- The number of items bought by each company or client

- The date of each transaction

Employee table

- The name of each employee

- The ID of each employee

- City of each employee

- Sex of each employee

- Data of birth  of each employee

Departmental table

- The ID of the department

- The name of the company

Perimeters to a database are included to restrict access to such database for parties that are not required to access private information or those who do not have permission to access the database according to Moody & Shanks (2002), such perimeters for access should be defined to allow only the intended party to log on or affect any change in the data base. An example of these perimeter conditions is as follows.

Logon credentials

Contact name

User  Name

Security R

Logon status

The last logo

Eg. Steve Jones




10/06/09 6:03PM












Group table







Create or edit group






Delete My groups






Delete Other users’ groups






Create/delete/edit my activities






Custom activity management






Manage my resources






Update my activities






Manage my priority list






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