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Rita Legal Consulting Firm will be established with a major aim of providing timely and cheap legal services to its clients. The company seeks to provide its services through designing approaches which will enable it to meet the unique needs of its clients. We agree with W.  that what the legal industry requires is a firm which can come up with individual and unique solutions to its clients. This will put our new firm in a better position to address the complex challenges facing the law firms today. Our firm will also derive its uniqueness in its openness and readiness to share the experiences of its expertise with other local and foreign firms. To enhance our competitive advantage in the industry, the company will seek to greatly diversify its scope of services.

Noting the complexity involved in today’s business world, our company has brought together a well professionally diversified group. It is made up of individuals with high level of qualifications and long time experience in several disciplines other than law. We believe that the new team of consultants we are bringing into the market will provide solutions to many unanswered financial and legal questions. Such exceptional skills will enable our firm to standout in a highly competitive and crucial industry. We will also offer court related services like drafting commercial agreements.


In conclusion, Rita Legal Consulting Firm seeks to bring together law firms, attorneys and individual clients in a mutually beneficial relationship. The firm agrees with Perry (2008) that the future of this industry will be in the hands of those who can provide their consulting services on broader-based business strategies. This will involve training firms on effective approaches of developing proper business development plans.

We believe that high level of achievement in this field can be accomplished through a strategy that enables law firms to grow together with their clients in a training environment. In summary, the firm envisions a group of well equipped clients who can independently come up with strategies that best suits their firms. We hope that this is what our potential clients have been looking for.

Buy custom Consulting Firm essay

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