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The Use of E-Learning

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The use o e-learning in the public schools in Hamilton is favored by the need for flexibility by the students, students affected by distance, the competing athletics, the touring actors, the shy dropouts and those faced by the medical challenges. On of the student in this region Natalie Cunningham asserts that "I like it because you don't have the pressure of the classroom," there is no possibility of immediate judgment in e-learning due to the absence of face-to-face contact in addition to the high degree of independence.

E-learning also promotes summer camp counselors among teens work allowing them to make money in addition to earning credit (Faulkner, 1). Woof said e-learning lets students do work on their own schedule. Some teens have Crohn's disease, cancer treatments or allergies that keep them at home. Woof, asserts that "Every time we can't offer flexibility, they just Google to find another school board that can," (Faulkner, 1).

The consortium on e-learning addresses the plight of the requirements of a specific students group in need of ways that are non traditional in an attempt of gaining credit in addition to the ones exposed to learning environments on personal schedules.

Online courses have been identified with some degree of freedom in addition to opportunities for the scholars of a higher degree but it is apparent to the teachers that not all students are favored by the program  The chances that are available for e-learning are impressive to most of the people but every school adopts a process of selection that is distinct in consideration of the students eligible for participation. Most schools takes measures such as interviews, the checks on academic backgrounds in addition to the verification of the suitability of the students in relation to the program.

Buy custom The Use of E-Learning essay

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